Hardware and software warranty

Nevron provides warranty for the supplied hardware as well as for Nevron IPTV software.
Software warranty
Warranty on the Nevron IPTV software is provided for 6 months from the date of purchase.

During the time of warranty, the Client or Distributor has access to all corrections of purchased generic software release of Nevron IPTV software.

The installation of corrections is the sole responsibility of the Client or Distributor. Nevron is obliged to implement corrections upon payment and in cases when corrections cannot be installed using the conventional installation procedure.
Hardware warranty
For the hardware warranty, the conditions of manufacturer of an individual hardware component of IPTV system apply, but in any case, the warranty is provided for at least 12 months from the delivery of equipment to the Client or Distributor.

During the time of warranty or the period of providing flat-rate maintenance, Nevron ensures the return of all hardware to the provider. This means that the Client does not have to send the equipment for repairs directly to the manufacturer.

During the time of warranty, Nevron eliminates at its own cost any faults that might appear and the hardware is used and maintained correctly.

Hardware faults are eliminated by repairing damaged units. If the repair is not possible, the damaged units are replaced.

Maximum time for a repair is 45 calendar days from the date of accepting damaged hardware unit in for repair.
General warranty conditions

Hardware and software warranty does not cover errors that might occur:

  • in case of faulty or negligent handling by the Distributor, Client, Users or unauthorized persons;
  • due to chemical, electromechanical or electrical factors which were not caused by the maintained or delivered IPTV system;
  • in case of changes to the hardware or software made by the Distributor, Client or by the third person, which was or was not authorized by the Client, and which were performed without the prior consent of Nevron;
  • if the fault on hardware or software is caused by the Distributor, Client or third party;
  • if the fault is a consequence of any intervention made to the maintained or supplied IPTV system by unauthorized persons;
  • if the Client or the Distributor does not ensure adequate working conditions for the supplied or maintained IPTV hardware and software (temperature, humidity, power supply , ... ), as demanded by Nevron;
  • if the fault occurs during the transportation of the equipment;
  • if the damage is caused by other networks or infrastructure that is connected to the equipment under warranty;
  • in case of theft of the equipment;
  • in case of the operation of force majeure;
  • due to reporting a false problem when the potential costs of any intervention by the Nevron Help Desk are fully charged to the Client or Distributor.
The warranty liability does not cover consumables, such as light bulbs, fuses, power supplies, batteries or remote controls for the set-top boxes or televisions.

By purchasing hardware and software, the Client or Distributor undertakes to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance himself or by through an external contractor during the time of warranty and to report the errors found in writing to the Nevron Help Desk.

If Nevron is not responsible for the damage on any part of the hardware or software, the company will provide technical advice for removing the defects as well as for repairing or replacing the part in question at the request of the Client or Distributor. Costs arising for this shall be charged to the Client or Distributor.