What is the role of IPTV solutions in hotel business?

While the global crisis has severely affected room rates, hotels face the challenge of recouping lost revenue. One way is to promote and sell additional hotel services when the guest is already at the hotel. Selling existing hotel services is becoming increasingly important as Internet booking portals force hotels to compete in an extremely competitive environment. A good example of the successful sale of additional services is airlines.


The question is how to sell more and strongly promote the existing hotel offer. The IPTV system is an excellent answer. With analytics tools and interactive portals, hotels with IPTV systems can bring the entire ancillary offering to the guest in a great way.


IPTV solutions in the hotel business offer several benefits, including providing guests with a wide range of TV channels and on-demand video content. They also allow hotels to promote their own services and offerings to guests, such as room service or spa treatments. Additionally, IPTV solutions can be used to streamline communication between hotel staff and guests, such as providing information about hotel amenities or making restaurant reservations. Overall, IPTV solutions can enhance the guest experience and improve operational efficiency for hotels.


Nevron has developed an interactive portal TV with a variety of apps that can serve as a great promotional tool for the hotel offering. Based on Nevron's 5-star IPTV system, guests can view, purchase or book the services or products they want in the privacy of their room. In addition, analytics tools help hotel staff determine which promotions are effective to run successful advertising campaigns and improve and/or expand the offering accordingly. By using the Nevron IPTV system, hotels can also promote services such as restaurants, museums or other offerings in the area. We can say that Nevron IPTV system is a great partner for hotel marketing and sales team.



Nevron IPTV system also serves as an entertainment tool in the hotel room. The live channels TV, VOD and AOD, RSS news, games, Internet browsers and many other applications will satisfy even the most demanding guests. On the other hand, these entertainment services can serve as an additional source of revenue for the hotel if entertainment content is offered to the guests for a fee.



Front desk staff can also benefit from the Nevron IPTV system, while guests can access the information they need directly from the TV portal, rather than from them. The Nevron IPTV system also enables quick check-out, saving receptionists valuable time.


Nevron's 5-star IPTV system is all that is needed to increase hotel guest satisfaction by keeping them better informed and entertained, which also improves hotel revenue.