Streamron IPTV VOD - 
VOD software or solution

High performance and comprehensive VOD streaming for IPTV and OTT services

Key product features

200+ Streams
Simultaneous video on demand sessions per one server.
Multiple codecs
Multiple formats and standards are supported on Streamron VOD.
Web based management 
Allows simple configuration and monitoring of the system.
Stremron VOD is very efficient and cost effective.
(Content Management System) to efficiently distribute content between streaming servers.
Various configuration options
Deliver unicast and multicast streams for instant playback on stb, smart TV, and mobile.
Available as pre-installed software
Standard hardware. Trick play, promo channel creation TV from video playlist streaming.
Outstanding delivery capabilities
Hundreds of MPEG-4 streams SD or HD. Streaming capacity can be expanded.
Simple Integration
Third-party applications integration, digital signage, and other video-based solutions.

High performance and comprehensive
VOD streaming for IPTV services

Streamron VOD is cost effective and high capacity streaming unit that store and deliver video content on
demand across IP network to multiscreen devices. In combination with Nevron middleware (Axon or
Nucleus) it powers Video on Demand service that is just a click away from the consumer.

Powerful connectivity capabilities

Streamron Transcoder can be paired with CDN Origin and Edge streaming and caching servers. Available as a pre-installed
hardware server supplied by Nevron or as software that can be installed on standard servers provided locally by customers.
Upgrade your streaming with streamron IPTV VOD's innovative software
Streamron IPTV VOD can also be delivered as a SOFTWARE only edition which can be simply installed and configured remotely.
RTSP Server
On-Demand Content Access
Trick-Play (FF, REW, Pause)
Random Access (set/get)
UDP or RTP streaming
HTTP streaming
Content Duration Querying
RTSP Session Control
Many more

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Discover more Streamron VOD features

Streamron Incorporates Management, Monitoring and Content Delivery Applications

Streamron incorporates a friendly and web-based administration interface. All the functionality provided by the web administration is also available via SOAP. The Streamron supports protocols for data transmission, session control, content delivery & management, media server management & monitoring and modules for FTP content upload and proper indexing functionality.

Off-the-Shelf Servers

Streamron is designed to be cost effective. It is built on top of Linux OS, using open-source Linux TV drivers, which serves as a basis for using standard and cost-effective off-the-shelf HW servers from HP, IBM, SuperMicro or other vendors.

Linux OS Based

The Linux based Streamron VOD solution supports trick play functionality such as play/pause, fast forward, fast rewind, nVOD content scheduling and playlist streaming and many other advanced VOD functionality. Further on, Streamron IPTV VOD allows watching full HD and SD movies and listening to favourite music using local or remote data / file storage.

Unicast and Multicast Support

Streamron IPTV video on demand supports unicast streaming for VOD and multicast for nVOD content transmission. Unicast represents streaming between a single content source (data storage) and a single receiver that requests a particular A/V item - e.g. movie. On the other hand, multicast represents the transmission of all the streams at the same time in a one-to-many approach, where the streams are sent only once to all the specified/subscribed clients in the IP network.

HTTP Progressive Streaming

Streamron also supports HTTP-based progressive streaming, based on which video files can be transmitted over standard internet connections and using TCP/IP protocol. Before the video is played, the requested video file has to be downloaded to user's physical storage, which is then erased after being played.

Trick Play (RTSP)

Trick play functionality enables real-time control and playback of media files from data storage. VCR-like functions support functionalities such as pause, fast forward (2-64x), fast rewind (2-64x) and similar.


An nVOD stream represents a live TV channel, which is streamed based on a playlist created from scheduled files on data storage. nVOD can be scheduled to play continuously 24/7 hour/day or just for selected time periods.

Random Access

Streamron software supports streaming either from the beginning of the media file or from any chosen point in the timeline.

PID Filtering, Subtitle Transcoding and Other Functionalities

This feature enables the selection of audio tracks and subtitles (if available) in order to enrich particular video content / streams. Streamron also performs transcoding of DVD subtitles (bit-map) into DVB subtitles during its operation.
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VOD stands for video-on-demand and refers to a service that allows customers to access and watch video content such as movies and TV on their own schedule and at their convenience.
VOD typically works by allowing customers to access a library of video content through a set-top box, smart TV, or streaming device. Customers can then browse and select the content they want to watch, and the video is streamed to their device in real-time.
VOD services typically offer a wide variety of content, including new releases and popular movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Some services also offer original content that is exclusive to their platform.
VOD allows customers to watch the content they want, when they want, while traditional television is programmed and viewers see the programs that air at a specific time.
VOD allows customers to watch the content they want when they want, and they can also pause, rewind and fast-forward the content. In addition, VOD services often offer a wider selection of content than traditional television, and customers can enjoy it from their own devices.
VOD the content can be accessed via a set-top box, a smart device TV, a streaming device or via a website or mobile app provided by the service VOD.
The limitations of VOD depend on the particular service and content being accessed. Some services may not have the same selection of content as others, and some content may only be available in certain regions.

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