Streamron DVB-IP Gateway

Indispensable streaming component to capture live TV and radio channels from various sources and to stream them across IP networks.

Key product features

Pass-through for DVB and ATSC allows a device, to receive and process digital signals.
HDMI encoding
Transmit high-quality audio and video signals over a single cable.
Encryption /decryption 
Capable of both encrypting and decrypting data.
EPG data extraction
Extract information the from Electronic Program Guide.
Multiple sources and clients
Any stream from Satellite, terrestrial, cable, IP, and HDMi for unlimited clients.
Exceptional for preserving network bandwidth and based on open-sourced Linux TV drivers.
FTA and Non-FTA
Various options to decrypt and transmit FTA and non-FTA channels.
Audio/video sources
Sources are captured and processed with commercially available tuner cards.
Tuners and inputs
Up to 40 DVB tuners or 16 HDMI inputs per single server.

High density, modularity and efficient video receiving and streaming

Streamron IPTV Gateway is a modular, highly dense and cost-effective DVB to IP video headend based
on specially designed architecture and algorithms enabling the most efficient transmission of audio/video
content over IP networks, even on the low-specification hardware platform.
Why to choose Streamron DVB-IP Gateway?
The Streamron DVB to IP Gateway consists of pre-installed software, supported A/V tuner cards, and server hardware. A number of available product components allow for building a DVB gateway according to the exact project requirements.

The wide range of technical components and support for off-the-shelf servers and tuner cards allows product configuration according to project requirements and budget.

It can be configured as an IPTV gateway, an encoder, or a multifunctional device that supports the acquisition, processing, and delivery of a mix of content sources.
Streamron is designed to be cost effective. It is built on top of Linux OS using open-sourced Linux TV drivers, which serve as a basis for using standard and cost-effective off-the-shelf HW servers from HP, IBM, SuperMicro or other vendors.
Streamron supports protocols for data transmission, session control, content delivery & management and media server management & monitoring. Its remote web-based management is user-friendly, secure and allows system configuration and task administration at a distance. This remote administration also allows you to outsource administration to preferred service providers in order to minimize costs and human-errors. All the functionality provided by the web administration is also available via SOAP.
IPTV/OOT Middleware brings an amazing interactive TV experience for evert user ranging from hotel guests to home residents. Flexible, modular, reliable and expansible solution with high preformance is a top choice for every company.

Powerful connectivity capabilities

Streamron Transcoder can be paired with CDN Origin and Edge streaming and caching servers. Available as a pre-installed
hardware server supplied by Nevron or as software that can be installed on standard servers provided locally by customers.

Off-the-Shelf Audio/Video Tuner Cards/Adapters

Capturing non-FTA (encrypted) and FTA (free to air) audio/video streams is realized via standard off-the-shelf A/V tuner cards of different types (analogue, DVB, ATSC) and from various providers. Most of these cards also support conditional access modules (CAM) via a standard conditional access interface (CI) for watching encrypted channels. With the cards freely available on the market, delivery is available from various suppliers.
ADVANTECH DVP-7031HE Capturecard
Encrypted streams: Irdeto, Viaccess, BISS, VideoGuard, Conax, Widevine, Verimatrix
DD Cine C/C2/T/T2 Dual Tuner PCIe
Android IPTV set-top-box and OTT TV Box. An affordable high definition STB.
M4 - 4x Multi-Band Tuner TV Card
4K Ultra HD Android TV box with integrated Chromecast, Netflix, and Ethernet.
DVB-S and DVB-S2 Tuner Card
A PCI tuner card or PCI express tuner card for the reception of audio and video digital signals.

Discover more DVB-IP Gateway features

Exceptional product modularity

The modularity of the Streamron IPTV Gateway is outstanding. The great variety of Streamron IPTV Gateway components, support for off-the-shelf servers and A/V tuner cards and the Linux-based system allows case by case product assembly according to the particular IPTV project needs and budget. It can be assembled as DVB gateway, ATSC gateway, analogue gateway or as gateway supporting a mix of these A/V content sources. The number of A/V tuner cards in a particular IPTV gateway product is in most cases defined by the particular project needs in order to minimize project costs and maximize product efficiency.

Great live streaming performance

The Streamron IPTV Gateway architecture and special algorithms support exceptional performance even on low-specification hardware platforms. Its performance is additionally enhanced via the implementation of memory caching and network optimizer functions. The capture and transition of a few hundred A/V streams can be processed on most average network servers.

Software versions

Nevron not only provides IPTV products, but also standalone software editions. One of them is the IPTV Gateway software. While software editions enable rapid product delivery, installation and configuration can be done easily and remotely. Support for off-the-shelf servers also enables Nevron's partners or end customers to get a proper server on the local market or use already existing servers.

Live TV, Radio, Camera and Other Live A/V Feeds

The Streamron DVB to IP gateway captures live audio/video content from various input sources. The A/V source can be captured from DVB (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-C2), ATSC and analogue tuner cards, which can receive signals from satellites, terrestrial transmitters or cable networks. Furthermore, the A/V source can be captured from a UDP socket (IPTV streams), LAN and WAN networks (SHOUTcast and IceCast audio streams, MMS and Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) formats) and from various analogue sources (composite video, S-Video, FM and RF, such as UHF and VHF).

H.264 / MPEG4 High-Quality and Other Video Formats

Streamron captures A/V signals and converts them to the Transport Stream format while preserving the original content encoding e.g. MPEG2 or MPEG4. If the encoding is other than MPEG2 or MPEG4, Streamron exploits hardware encoder cards and decodes the signals from their native format, encodes them to MPEG2 or MPEG4 (H.264) video and MP2, MP3, AC3 and AAC audio formats and sends the signals over the IP stream (multicast streaming) via the designated IP network.

EPG, CAM Support and Other Functionalities

The Streamron live streaming server supports EPG (Electronic Program Guide), which provides users of TV, radio and other media applications with scheduling and other channel information. A conditional access module (CAM) represents a hardware module in which a smart card can be inserted for the decryption of encrypted channels.


The Streamron DVB-to-IP gateway enables the transmission of A/V live streams using the transport stream (TS) standard format, the IGMP communication protocol and the UDP protocol. IGMP enables connection to a multicast stream while UDP protocol supports multicasting by transmitting the desired audio/video stream to all subscribers at the same time.

Multicast Support

The Streamron DVB-to-IP gateway supports multicast streaming, which is one of the most efficient forms of transmission. The bandwidth usage for the transmission of all streams is always the same, regardless of the number of users connected. It is a one-to-many system, where the streams are sent only once to all the specified clients on the IP network. At the same time, all clients access the same available streams on the IP network.
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Apply for Nevron portable DEMO Kit and evaluate quality and performance capabilities of Nevron IPTV products.


A DVB-to-IP gateway is a device that converts DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) signals to IP (Internet Protocol) signals for distribution over a network.
A DVB-to-IP gateway receives DVB signals, usually from a satellite or cable provider, and encodes them into a digital format suitable for distribution over an IP network. The encoded signals are then distributed to various end devices, such as set-top boxes or smart TVs, for customers to watch.
A DVB-to-IP gateway can deliver a variety of content, including live television channels, video on demand, and interactive services such as video games and educational content.
A DVB-IP gateway can be managed and configured via a web-based management interface or a software application provided by the DVB to IP Gateway vendor.
The limitations of a DVB-to-IP gateway depend on the specific implementation and capabilities of the devices used. General limitations include limited scalability and possible network congestion that can affect the quality of the video stream.
Video stream quality can be maintained by using devices that can handle high-bandwidth, low-latency video streams and by properly configuring and managing the DVB-to-IP gateway. DVB-to-IP gateway that supports up to 40 DVB tuners or up to 16 HDMI inputs.
Yes, a DVB-to-IP gateway can be used to distribute content to multiple locations, such as hotels, hospitals, or other multi-family dwellings.

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