DVB/PCI Tuner Cards

A PCI tuner card or PCI Express tuner card for receiving digital audio and video signals from digital sources such as satellite, terrestrial, or cable. These digital signals are routed over the IP network. The "Streamron IPTV Gateway" supports different brands of DVB tuner cards, one of them is Digital Devices GmbH.

Recieve and display any signal with ease.

Tuner cards are DVB/PCI components that enable the reception of any television and radio programmes from satellite, cable or terrestrial broadcasters, as well as the decoding of encrypted TV programmes.

Key product features

Android OS 6
Performance, security and flexibility of the most popular mobile OS in the world
Crisp and detailed picture at astonishing UHD resolution creates an immersive experience
All WEB apps are available in embedded browser, supporting HTML 5 specifications
Efficient and cost effective
Hardware video decoding for guaranteed quality of picture and elimination of jitter
Built-in WIFI access point
No need for additional access point devices
Functional design
Small with great design and put in aluminum

DVB-S2X Dual Tuner PCIe Satellite TV Card with CI TBS-6910 SE

The TBS-6910 SE is a double-tuner TV card with CI (NO CI+) , it has two DVB-S2X tuners , each of which is assigned a CI. This SAT card is suitable for receiving digital satellite television in all HD resolutions . With the CA module (CA module not included in the scope of delivery), the TBS-6910 SE is also a good solution for receiving encrypted television (pay TV) .


Standard HDMI Video Input 4 x HDMI max. Display Rate 60/50 fps (NTSC/PAL) @ 1920 x 1080p/ch Max. Audio Input 4 x HDMI Format STEREO/16 bits/32000 ~ 48000 Hz, 2GB RAM.

Digital Devices Max M4 - 4x Multi-Band Tuner TV Card

The Digital Devices Max M4 is a multi-tuner TV card. It has the capabilities of digital reception for satellite (DVB-S / S2 / ISDB-S), cable (DVB-C / C2 / ISDB-C / J.83) or terrestrial (DVB-T / T2 / ISDB-T). The reception of SD to Ultra HD modulated channels on the transponders of the provider is no problem for the M4. Due to the low power consumption of ~ 7 watts, the card works very economically. The Max M4 Multituner card comes in Full Profile Format (full height) with corresponding bracket.

DD Cine C/C2/T/T2 Dual Tuner PCIe

Twin Tuner Simultaneously record 1 program while watching another. Single Cable Solution. On the ouput IEC connector additional devices can be connected. Support up to 8 tuners. Another 3 Digital Devices DVB-S2 and/or DVB-C/T expansion cards or CI-modules can be connected in all possible combinations.

DVB-S and DVB-S2 Tuner Card

The DVB-S tuner card or DVB-S2 tuner card enables the reception of HDTV audio and video signals from satellites. Digital Devices GmbH provides a range of high quality DVB-S or DVB-S/S2 tuner cards and their accompanying accessories.

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