The IPTV network infrastructure must effectively support the use of various types of communications- and media-intensive interactive TV services without significant loss of picture or sound quality. 

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Remote contols

Nevron FaSTBox IR remote control is designed for advanced users. Air mouse button, remote control to control multiple devices, programmable buttons and ergonomic design are just some of its advanced features.

Printing the customer's logo on the remote control is a free additional feature that gives the device a unique look from the user's point of view.

IR extenders

An IR extender allows you to control your TV system components that are hidden in a cabinet or another room. It consists of a small box with an IR transmitter that you place in a visible location and an IR receiver that you connect to your TV or other device.

Chromecast devices

Chromecast is a line of digital media players developed by Google. The devices allow users to play online video and audio content on a high-definition television or home audio system by streaming it from the internet, or local network. Chromecast devices connect to the internet via WiFi and are controlled using a mobile device or computer.


Extra cables can be purchased to ensure a safe and reliable connection at all times. 

Mount holders

The Nevron set-top box mount is made of metal and can be easily mounted behind the TV, especially when the TV is mounted on the wall and the VESA holes are occupied by the TV mount. The Nevron STB mount is also designed so that cables can be easily wrapped around the mount to hide all cables behind the TV.

Apply for Nevron portable DEMO Kit and evaluate quality and performance capabilities of Nevron IPTV products.

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