standard STB

Reasonably priced Android box for
professional environments
Ultra small
Small box that can be easily hidden
One remote
Controlling both TV and STB
Wired or WiFi
Easy to connect
Software enabled WiFi access point
High video quality
4K with HDR10+

Astonishing video streaming experience

With the latest HDR10+ technology and high speed 4K processing up to 60fps playback

Centrally controlled device for professional use in business environments with moderate requirements.

No additional access point required to extend your WiFi in the room
Complete central management for easy deployment, control and maintenance
All HTML 5 web apps are available in embedded browser
Quality control and design made in EU

Bring various engaging services to your audience

Compatible with ContentWare to create your own solution
Bluetooth 4.0
WiFi 2.4HGz

Apply for Nevron portable DEMO Kit and evaluate quality and performance capabilities of Nevron IPTV products.

Technical specifications

Amlogic s905X3
Quad-Core ARM
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Compatible with advanced Bluetooth remote control

FaSTBox Bluetooth
Advanced remote control for highest user experience. 5 IR programmable buttons available.

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