Devices and accessories

Set Top Boxes
Nevron's IPTV technologies run on various types of set-top boxes, also known as box TV or TV communicators. Nevron supports its own line of Android-based IPTV STB communicators called FaSTBox. All of these devices are supported with various IPTV STB accessories such as IR remote controls, IR receivers, IR STB keyboards, cables and many other things.
FaSTBox Luxury
Android IPTV set-top-box and OTT TV Box. An affordable high definition STB.
FaSTBox Standard
4K Ultra HD Android TV box with integrated Chromecast, Netflix, and Ethernet.
IPTV equipment
In addition to IPTV headend technology, Nevron also offers other key IPTV equipment needed to successfully complete an IPTV project. For example, COAX ON enablers, IPTV switches, IPTV remote controls, IR receivers, IR keyboards, HDMI and other cable types.
Everything needed for a fully  complete IPTV hospitality solution
Tuner Cards
A PCI tuner card or PCI Express tuner card for receiving digital audio and video signals.
All the devices needed to set up a Nevron IPTV hospitality network solution
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Smart TVs
Nevron IPTV solution supports many different brands of smart televisions
Mobile Devices
Nevron GuestFlow solution supports a wide range of mobile devices
Public displays
Nevron IPTV solution supports public touch displays and digital signage displays
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