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A high tech ecosystem to entertain, engage and inspire your guests, visitors or any other type of client for immersive user experiences.

Why Content Experience Platform?

Any digital solution is defined by a set of building blocks. These building blocks are assembled in a way to enable operation of specific digital service for specific purpose and audiences.

Based on such a high level flexibility various innovative solutions can be created to serve your needs and goals.

Design your custom digital solution from building blocks

Building block #1


User is always in a center of any digital solution. Digital services are build, published and managed to serve a specific user needs. User is a consumer of a specific digital services in a specific environments and on specific touch-points.
Building block #2

Nevron ContentWare

Major technological component of Nevron Content Experience Platform. It enables creation of various digital services as one multi-service to be published and managed on a singe platform.

Nevron IPTV/OTT Middleware is a specific representation of this Content Platform. It is focused to enable entertainment video based digital services that are used on interactive big screens, and lately also on mobile devices
Building block #3

Technical components

To serve a specific purpose and user needs, in most cases a set of additional technical components must be integrated with content platform.

To establish an IPTV/OTT content platform some additional components can be incorporeted with IPTV/OTT Middleware, as are IPTV Gateway, IPTV Transcoder, IPTV VOD, DRM, etc..
Building block #4

Setup environment

Technical solutions can run in different environments that are either open or closed. Open environments are widely accessible over pubic internet, while closed environments are usually represented by private premises with their own access and in most cases not available to users not present on premise.

There are three major types of of solutions setup: On Premise, Multi-Tenant or in Cloud
Building block #5


Technical solutions supporting digital services usually run over IP networks. Most familiar type of IP networks are LAN, WAN, but can run also over COAX and hybrid types of network.
Building block #6


Any digital devices must be accessible to users on at least one type of user device - touch-point. In most cases that is personal computer or any kind of mobile device. But for some user groups interactive TV / STB is a primary option. Also other touch-point devices are becoming more widely used, as are smart watches or any other wearables.

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