Enhancing guest experience with AI in the hospitality industry.

How can you leverage the latest technologies to help staff and hotel facilities meet guest expectations and increase guest satisfaction? The abundance of choices makes us believe that there is undoubtedly a better option than the one we have chosen.

The hospitality industry has evolved rapidly in recent years, and the key to success for any hotel or resort lies in providing a unique and personalized guest experience. Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all service, and in its place, a new era of customization has emerged. Today's guests expect tailored, individualized attention from the moment they book a room to the moment they check out.


The abundance of choices makes us believe that there is undoubtedly a better option than the one we have chosen. Numerous scientific studies have proven that people are hardly aware of their true desires and fluctuate in their choice of needs and wants. Steve Jobs said years ago that people do not know what they really want until we show it to them. Through the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms, modern technologies provide us with content recommendation systems that help users limit the amount of data and present the content they are most interested in.


With content recommendation systems now readily available and implemented in a range of solutions, attention is increasingly focused on user sentiment. There are already numerous solutions that can determine a user's mood and emotions based on images (AWS Recognition), sounds (Moodies) or sensors on a wristband (Empatica). The next technology boom will come in the form of advanced content recommendation systems that suggest content based on current mood or are able to change mood.


For more than 10 years, Nevron has provided hotels and other lodging properties, such as large cruise ships, with a technology platform that allows guests to watch movies, TV and other interactive services on a television screen. We are comparable and competitive with other providers in the market.


We are currently rolling out a new generation of technology solutions that will enable all existing services, but will focus primarily on digitizing guest relations and on features that will enable a comprehensive guest relationship. 


At the heart of this new technology is a system that recognizes guests' current mood and needs and guides them to the appropriate experiences or helps them in other areas. Using artificial intelligence, it responds individually to each guest and offers them the appropriate solution depending on their mood. The system acts as a personal assistant in the hotel and is available to the guest via various devices such as smart TVs and mobile devices with or without screens.


  • What problems does the new technology platform solve?
  •  Assists guests in making decisions based on artificial intelligence and sentiments.
  •  Improves guest satisfaction.
  •  Improves the hotel's image (rating).
  •  Improves revenue based on the "right" offer (even with the latest marketing tactics).
  •  Increases competitiveness with the right technology (even small changes have a big impact).


Modern technologies that use artificial intelligence are of great benefit to the hotel industry and offer excellent opportunities for development. Hotels have always been among the first to recognize the importance of technology. For example, elevators, electricity, the telephone, television and other revolutionary inventions were the first to be used. Today, hotels are increasingly aware of the importance of providing a comprehensive experience and service to their guests, with access to the Internet and other technologies long overdue.


We all know that guests' expectations of destinations and lodging facilities have grown tremendously over the past two decades. Few hoteliers have succeeded in meeting these expectations on personalized guest experience, as they require significant financial investment and an understanding of the needs and expectations of different target groups. This requires well-trained and hospitable staff, which is one of the main problems facing the hotel industry in virtually every destination in the world.


The importance of all these factors is best illustrated by studies showing that a one-point increase in guest satisfaction (Tripadvisor ratings) can mean a 39% increase in revenue (Hotel Performance Impact of Socially Engaging with Consumers), or that a change of just 0.1 point (on a scale of 1-10) results in a €10 higher price per night. 


We note that several solutions allow for targeted marketing approaches to increase revenues (notices, promotions, pay movies), improving the hotel experience (smart rooms, keyless doors, automatic check-in and check-out), improving the flow of information (communication apps, chats), or encouraging repeat customers (customer loyalty). However, these solutions are not comprehensive and are limited to specific areas. They include only one or two marketing tactics and offer little potential for a comprehensive understanding of guests.


We are open to working with system integrators and app developers and are happy to engage with companies for further business discussions and product development.

Kaja Gril

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Kaja Gril
Published on January 13, 2023

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