Hospitality TV solution for comprehensive interactive TV experience.

Nevron Hospitality TV represents a best-in-class IPTV solution that meets the needs of the increasingly demanding hospitality market and rapidly changing industry TV. With its innovative IPTV technologies, Nevron TV offers users and hotel guests alike a comprehensive interactive TV experience.

Introducing Nevron Hospitality TV, the ultimate IPTV solution for the hospitality industry. With its cutting-edge technologies, Nevron TV provides a comprehensive and interactive TV experience to both hotel guests and users. The solution offers a fast and reliable system that integrates entertainment, communication, and information services into one convenient package.


Nevron's IPTV system boasts a vast selection of TV apps that cater to the growing demands of the hospitality market and changing industry TV trends. The IPTV services aim to enhance guest satisfaction, increase profits, and reduce operating costs.


The Nevron IPTV platform is powered by a highly interactive and intuitive Smart TV portal, making it the perfect solution for even the most demanding IPTV projects. Whether it's a hotel-guest relationship, a ship-passenger relationship, or a hospital-patient relationship, Nevron Hospitality TV is designed to foster a positive and seamless connection.

Interactive tv services

Attractive hotel TV services


Access to terrestrial, cable or satellite hotel channels TV and radio channels, VOD - video on demand, jukebox, PayTV, games, an internal portal, TV shop, welcome messages/videos, retrieve bills, WEB access to TV and OTT services such as YouTube, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook are just some of the IPTV applications (apps) and widgets.



Increase the comfort and satisfaction of your guests/users and increase your revenues.


All of these TV-Apps are very appealing and easy to use, while many of them support discrete advertisements for providers/hotel services (spas, events, casinos, etc.) on T -screen. The IPTV hotel guest portal is available in more than 10 languages and free localization of additional languages is possible.

Third-party systems; LAN or coax


Nevron Hospitality TV is composed of various IPTV technologies and can be easily integrated with third-party systems such as HIS (Hotel Information System), PMS (Property Management System), billing systems or CDN systems. It can also be implemented for different types of network infrastructures such as Cat, Coax or fibre networks.



Industries for which the product is suitable


Nevron offers an IPTV system for the hospitality industry that can be easily adapted to different industries. Hotel streaming TV, hotel VOD or hotel pay TV services fit hotel IPTV systems. Nevron supports many different industries in the hospitality industry:

  • Hospitality industry: hotels, resorts, apartments, boutique hotels or villas;
  • Maritime industry: cargo ships, cruise ships, riverboats, oil rigs or ferries;
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes and other medical facilities;
  • Education: Student dormitories, faculties, and other educational institutions;
  • Residential: Home users with IPTV systems operated by telecommunications companies, cable operators, or ISP providers.



All essential IPTV components in one place


As a result of its intensive development, Nevron offers all the essential IPTV components needed to set up a complete IPTV system: Streamron IPTV Gateway software, Streamron IPTV VOD software and Axon software (Nevron IPTV Middleware), as well as a FaSTBox, Android-based set-top box. All these components are perfectly integrated into the most effective interactive TV system for hotels TV and other industries.



A SOFTWARE edition of Nevron Hospitality TV is also available.


The software is installed on standard server hardware or can be delivered as a SOFTWARE only edition that can be easily installed and configured remotely.

STB/ TV BOX support


Nevron Hospitality TV runs on a FaSTBox Android-based TV box (setup box), which ensures the best video quality while providing access to all popular web services. Nevron also supports other types of set-top boxes (e.g. Amino). Despite the support of OTT services, FaSTBox provides the highest quality of service - e.g. video quality. Support for powerful and affordable Android-based set-top boxes.



Show the right thing at the right time in the right place


Nevron Smart TV Dashboard is designed to be fully customizable. The customizable sections of the dashboard can display any type of entertainment service (e.g. TV, radio, VOD, music, games), any type of hotel product or service, various third-party apps, Nevron services, stores, room service, settings, etc., even direct products, services or advertising. All elements of the dashboard are directly linked to the selected content, service or app. More than one home dashboard can be created, usually by specific segments like entertainment or hotel offers. Predefined dashboard templates are also available.

Nevron's IPTV experts can professionally help you design an IPTV system that meets the needs of your hospitality project.
You can also request a DEMO kit from Nevron Hospitality TV and test its most powerful and attractive features.

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Elina Komlanc
Published on December 20, 2022

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