Nevron Cloud IPTV platform for residential users and operators

Nevron IPTV Cloud represents the most advanced technology for building a centralized IPTV platform. In addition to residential users, the Nevron IPTV Cloud platform is specifically designed for B2B customers such as hotels, hospitals or residential environments that can remotely access operator IPTV services.


Hotels can avoid acquisition and maintenance costs for server-side equipment. Operators of Nevron's centralized IPTV platform offer cloud-based IPTV services to their B2B customers instead of IPTV products themselves. On the other hand, B2B customers can avoid acquisition and maintenance costs for their own IPTV headend equipment while offering end users - such as hotel guests - IPTV services that are accessible over a high-bandwidth network and billed by operators through subscription business models.


The identity of the customer remains unique


Although IPTV services run in a cloud, each hotel, hospital or other customer retains its own identity. This means that for each customer, e.g., a hotel or hospital, a separate profile is created and configured according to its needs. The design of the portal TV, the access rights, the list of available IPTV services or the advertising campaigns for native customer services are fully customized for each customer. Operators can offer IPTV services to hotels and other B2B customers at affordable prices.


Top technical features


Nevron IPTV Cloud is a highly scalable and modular platform with best-in-class performance features that scales to hundreds of thousands of subscribers regardless of the number of sub-operators and can handle multiple gigabits of traffic (N x 10 GigE). The Nevron IPTV Cloud platform is designed to be operated by telecom, cable and other IPTV, ISP or OTT operators who can ensure QoS (Quality of Services), which is very important for B2B customers of IPTV services.


Top advantages


In addition to optimizing investment and maintenance costs when providing IPTV platform services to multiple sites, centralizing all IPTV operations offers a number of other benefits.


Configurations for many IPTV platform services can be done once at a central site, rather than for each site individually. An example of this type of configuration is changing the existing TV channel scheme.


In addition, troubleshooting at the IPTV headend is done from a single location, and redundancy equipment is also only required at the central location.


The main technologies used


The TV cloud technology provided by Nevron consists of the Streamron IPTV gateway, Streamron IPTV VOD and Axon (Nevron IPTV middleware), which are specifically configured to operate on a centralized hardware platform, including server blades to achieve maximum efficiency in a limited space.


Nevron IPTV Platform experts will professionally help you design a Nevron IPTV Cloud Platform that meets your project requirements. You are invited to apply for a free IPTV project consultation. 

You are also invited to request more information about Nevron IPTV Cloud.

Elina Komlanc

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Elina Komlanc
Published on December 20, 2022

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