Navigating through TV and radio channels with the Nevron channel navigator

Some IPTV project requirements need nothing more than standard television experiences over an IP network infrastructure, without any need for an interactive portal for the viewers. The most essential user experience is viewing and navigating through the available TV channels, which is provided by Nevron channel navigator.


The IPTV service for viewing and navigating through TV and radio channels based on the Nevron channel navigator is enriched with various advanced features, such as EPG functionality. Another advanced feature is the personalization of the TV channel lists, which is especially useful in hospitality projects for hotel guests, who usually watch TV channels in their native languages.


Nevron Channel Navigator provides simple and powerful management and maintenance possibilities, such as channels list configuration, set-top-box configuration, live stb and system monitoring and remote maintenance (e.g. reboot option, automatic system update, etc.). Also supported are functions such as Parental Control. The Nevron channel navigator user interface is available in more than 10 languages.


Channel Navigator is most elementary version of Nevron IPTV Middleware technology. An essential component of this IPTV architecture is the live streaming server, which captures live TV and radio channels from cable, terrestrial and satellite receivers and transmits them over IP networks. This could be the streamron IPTV Gateway or any other similar live streaming server.


You are invited to request more information about Nevron channel navigator.

You can also apply for a demo Kit of the Nevron channel navigator software and evaluate its simplicity of management and ease of use.

Elina Komlanc

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Elina Komlanc
Published on December 20, 2022

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