Announcing a dedicated IPTV/OTT multi-tenant solution for telecom operators

Introducing Nevron Multi-Tenant Hospitality Solution: Transforming telecom services for the hospitality industry

Nevron is proud to unveil a dedicated multi-tenant solution to deliver IPTV/OTT and other digital services to hospitality clients from a local data center. The multi-tenant hospitality solution is designed to empower telecom operators to elevate their services for the thriving hospitality industry. This innovative solution redefines the way hotels and establishments offer connectivity, entertainment, and guest services, while simultaneously streamlining operations and boosting revenue.


At Nevron, we understand the challenges faced by Telecom operators, ISPs, or other content service providers when it comes to implementing and managing services like IPTV/OTT for hospitality clients or compounds in local and regional markets.


Nevron multi-tenant solution for telecom operators powered by Nevron Middleware is designed to simplify this process, offering a controlled environment, seamless integration, support for various devices, interactive portals, and customization options. With a proven track record and a focus on delivering exceptional user experiences, Nevron is here to empower businesses seeking to establish or expand their presence in the hospitality market.


Nevron multi-tenant hospitality solution can be seamlessly integrated with service providers existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming overhauls.



Cost efficiency and scalability: Elevate your services, Reduce costs


Nevron's Multi-Tenant Hospitality Solution embraces a visionary approach, allowing multiple hotels and hospitality entities to harness the power of shared infrastructure and resources. By uniting under a single, centralized system, telecom operators can significantly reduce costs related to hardware, software, maintenance, and support. The result? A cost-efficient framework that delivers top-notch services to a diverse range of clients.


Faster deployment and customization: Meeting hospitality needs swiftly


In the dynamic world of hospitality, speed is of the essence. Nevron's standardized Multi-Tenant Solution accelerates the deployment of services to new hospitality clients, ensuring rapid setup to meet guest demands. But that's not all – customization remains paramount. Each hospitality client can enjoy tailored experiences, from unique branding to specific service preferences, all while benefiting from the shared underlying platform.


Centralized management and consistent guest experience: Seamlessness redefined


Efficiency takes center stage with Nevron's centralized management interface. Telecom operators can effortlessly oversee all their hospitality clients from a single point, enhancing network monitoring, issue troubleshooting, and customer support. This newfound centralization paves the way for an unparalleled guest experience, ensuring uniform Wi-Fi connectivity, cutting-edge IPTV services, digital concierge assistance, and more, across diverse properties.


Unlocking revenue streams: Tailored services for the hospitality industry


Nevron's Multi-Tenant Solution presents a golden opportunity for telecom operators to diversify revenue streams. Offering specialized services to the hospitality industry opens doors to charging hotels based on specific service usage – be it high-speed internet, in-room entertainment, or advanced communication solutions. It's not just innovation; it's a pathway to profitability.


Data analytics and security: Insights and protection hand in hand


Embracing the future, Nevron's Multi-Tenant Solution gathers and analyzes data from varied hospitality clients. These insights into guest behavior, preferences, and usage patterns empower hotels to refine their services and offerings. All the while, robust security measures safeguard guest data and privacy, ensuring compliance with industry standards.


Future-Readiness and simplified operations: Staying ahead, Minus the complexity


Technology's evolution is unstoppable, and Nevron is prepared. The Multi-Tenant Solution enables telecom operators to seamlessly update and enhance shared infrastructure with new features and services. This empowers hospitality clients to stay competitive by embracing cutting-edge technology, all without the complexities of building and managing intricate IT systems.


Unlocking partnerships: Expanding the business ecosystem


Nevron's success story extends beyond innovation – it opens doors to partnerships and collaborations within the hospitality and tourism sector. A thriving Multi-Tenant Hospitality Solution creates an ecosystem where players come together to redefine guest experiences, services, and profitability.


Empowering Tomorrow, Today: Nevron's Multi-Tenant Hospitality Solution


In the era of elevated guest expectations and fast-paced technological advancements, Nevron's Multi-Tenant Hospitality Solution stands as a beacon of transformation. Elevate guest experiences, reduce costs, and explore new horizons of revenue with a solution that's designed for the future, available today.


Why lag behind the competitors? Discover our turn-key implementation and start fulfilling your hospitality clients’ needs.


Don't miss the opportunity to lower your costs, save time, improve clients’ satisfaction, and even create additional revenue from hospitality and other business clients like compounds by providing IPTV/OTT and other digital services from a central point!


Be sure to book a meeting with our experts to dive deeper into our offerings of IPTV/OTT solutions and discuss how we can collaborate to shape the future of technology.

Contact Nevron team today and book a live demo to see how it works.

Elina Komlanc

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Elina Komlanc
Published on August 24, 2023

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