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Congratulations! You're one step closer to building your mobile app.

Now, the moment has arrived to transform your vision into a reality and craft an app that promises guests an extraordinary user experience.

The process of curating content for your mobile app stands as a pivotal phase in shaping its design. The caliber of content you incorporate directly influences the app's performance and, in turn, the delight it brings to your valued guests.

Join the growing community of forward-thinking hoteliers who have already taken the leap to elevate guest satisfaction through the deployment of a mobile application.


This is an easy and faster way, where you leave the design of the application to our experts. We use your marketing material or website content to activate the web application.

With this option, you have complete control over the structure and content of the application. You choose all the elements and content yourself, which allows you to fully adapt the application to your needs.

Whichever option you choose, we are here to help you in this creative process. Together we will create an attractive application that will meet your and your guests' expectations.

Company information

Please fill in some basic information needed to set up the project.


Select form available modules:


Please enter links to your pages on review/travel platforms e.g. Booking, Tripadvisor, Trivago, etc. (Enter 2 or 4 platforms)


Upload the pdf documents you would like to display to guests in the Documents module

Social media

Please enter links to your pages on social networking platforms e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc. (Enter 2 or 4 platforms)

Room care

Please provide a complete list of the services you offer as part of room cleaning and maintenance, as well as a list of in-room equipment that guests can report faults with.


Please enter the contacts you want to show to guests (maximum 4)




Indicate the number of catalogs you would like to create.

In the input fields below, enter the name of the catalogue.

Enter the names of the items you want to add to the individual catalogue (up to 20 in total). You add articles by selecting the + button

If available, add photos of the items and name them in the following manner: NameItem_number. The first photo (number 1) will be used as the item's cover photo.

For the main image of the catalogue, please name the file cataloguename_main


Dashboard sections

Select the catalogues you would like to highlight on your home screen.


Catalogue 1: Catalogue 2: Catalogue 3: Catalogue 4: Catalogue 5: Catalogue 6: Catalogue 7: Catalogue 8: Catalogue 9: Catalogue 10: