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Dedicated Nevron Multitenant Hospitality IPTV Middleware 
for additional revenue stream of telecom operators

Implementing IPTV solutions for the hospitality sector poses several challenges - but Nevron Hospitality IPTV Middleware makes it easy. With a controlled environment, seamless integration with hotel systems, support for hospitality devices, an interactive portal, customization options, and a proven track record, Nevron IPTV Middleware is here if you want to enter or expand your presence in the hospitality market in the most seamless way ever. 

Hotels across the globe need to entertain, inform and engage their guests more. 
This discerning market chose Nevron's IPTV solution so guests can access a wide range of TV channels, on-demand content, and interactive services - all delivering an uplift in revenue. Now, you too can serve these hospitality clients.

You’ll be surprised how simple it is to get started!

Think you don't have the right IPTV solution to enter the B2B hospitality market right now? 
We’ve got a solution for it all.

You may be concerned about the complexities of offering IPTV services outside your residential client network. We've worked in hospitality for years and know what's ahead. Perhaps you have fears about resource and network management systems, high system complexity, working with legacy systems or a silo-based stack, or high maintenance costs.

With Nervon - it's no problem.
ZERO technical overhauls. 
We do the heavy lifting
Implement Nevron HospitalityIPTV Middleware seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming overhauls. The multi-tenant IPTV solution for hospitality can be technically implemented in a very short time frame under prepared conditions.
Integrate once - get paid twice
(or more)
Serve numerous customers, including hotels, apartments, or hospitals using a single infrastructure from a centralized installation. Utilize just one infrastructure to serve multiple customers. Streamline your operations and save on infrastructure costs.
Access a
ready-to-buy market
This market is ready and engaged. You can respond to their needs with branded interfaces, and with your comprehensive training during the implementation process to independently manage the solution, add and administer customers, and support end-users, you'll soon see why this is a great revenue driver.
Multi-advantages of multi-tenancy
Significant cost cutting accross multiple sites served by one back office installation
Centralized control of services, simplifying solution managment and maintenance
Control client devices on each site from one point, customize per site if needed
Preserve general policies within IPTV/OTT, across sites managed by separate teams
Sell franchise agreements and enjoy passive income from white-labeled operators
Save on solution cost, provide to several premises from a single data centre
Deliver to many points and cover several customer groups from the same installation
Run multiple services under different brand names from the same server
Deploy shared company  resources within a rental business model
Resell unused / lefotover information technology infrastructure capacity

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"Don't hustle serving hospitality clients with your existing residential IPTV Middleware. Things might be much easier and more simple with Nevron. Find out how we've helped businesses like yours".

- Simon Bergant, CTO.

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multi $bn market?

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