Streamron Hybrid

IPTV multicast and UDP unicast as standalone solution

Transmit audio and video content in real time.

The main purpose of Streamron Hybrid is to transmit audio and video content in real time over an IP network using iptv multicast and udp unicast distribution methods simultaneously. By combining all IPTV software (DVB to IP software and VOD software), this product is optimized for smaller IPTV projects.

Key product features

Management & monitoring
Supports web management, dedicated Streaming NIC and link aggregation.
VOD interfaces
RTSP Server with on-demand content and HTTP server with content duration query.
nVOD Features 
Streaming playlists (content splicing) and scheduling content.
Media URL Features (VOD/nVOD)
Philter audio tracks, subtitle tracks and video background for audio content.
Live Streamer Features
EPG pass-through, teletext pass-through, track filtering, and EIT to XMLTV converter.
Functional design
Small with great design and put in aluminum

The main advantages of Hybrid

Streamron Hybrid combines all available audio/video streaming features ("tv over ip - transmission of live audio/video feeds over an IP network" and "on-demand streaming of audio and video files - VOD and nVOD") in one product.

Based on Linux OS, Streamron Hybrid enables easier system administration, while all "live iptv" and "video on demand" functions are housed on the same physical server. Due to its simplicity and API support, it can be integrated with various third-party applications, such as IPTV middleware.

Product Components

The Streamron iptv multicast and udp unicast hybrid product (hybrid) combines the functionality of Streamron's two core products, Streamron IPTV Gateway and Streamron IPTV VOD, installing the software on a commercial network server with integrated A/V tuner cards and data storage.

Streamron hybrid can also be delivered as SOFTWARE edition, which can be easily installed and configured remotely.

Product highlights

Live Streamer Input - capture sources
Supports all major DVB input, analogue and FM cards, LAN and WAN networks and IPTV streams (UDP pocket).
Input & output
Various options for inputs and outputs.
Codecs & formats
Supports various options codecs and formats for both video and audio content.
Physical IPTV Gateway Server
Up to 18 slots for A/V tuner cards, up to 36 A/V tuners, at least 2 TB internal or external data storage with Linux OS.

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You can also apply for the DEMO Kit to evaluate Streamron DVB to IP Gateway high performance capabilities.

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