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Nevron Guest Experience Platform is optimized to be effectively used in various industries.

Simple configuration procedures enable fast and easy system adjustments to the needs and
characteristics of the industry or client.
digital solutions for guest engagement and entertainment
Hotels, tourist resorts, boutique hotels, apartments, villas, and other hospitality businesses.
Cruise ships, river cruise ships, cargo ships, ferryboats, oil rigs, and other maritime businesses.
Hospitals, medical centres, retirement homes, and other healthcare businesses.
Campuses, student dorms, colleges, school, training institutions, and other education businesses.
Banks, insurances, factories, shopping centres, and other corporate businesses.
Residential areas, living apartments, villas, and other residential oriented businesses.
IPTV/OOT Middleware brings an amazing interactive TV experience for evert user ranging from hotel guests to home residents. Flexible, modular, reliable and expansible solution with high preformance is a top choice for every company.

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