Nevron Content Platform

The Nevron Content Platform, powered by ContentWare (CW), is a high-tech ecosystem of interactive services that run in a specific service provider's environment to meet the needs of target users. Technically, each Nevron content platform is defined by the information technology infrastructure, which consists of ContentWare and third-party technical solutions, the internal communication network, the type of technology setup, and the devices on which interactive services are available.

The architecture of the Nevron content platform is designed to enable the creation and operation of digital services that can operate in an ecosystem of various technologies and environments. The platform is built on a modular architecture that is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing it to adapt to changing business needs and technological advances.


There are the three major types of solution setup: On-Premise, Multi-Tenant or in Cloud which are defined by the location of the installation.

Thanks to multi-tenant functionality built into middleware our clients and partners may set up a single platform to deliver services to multiple buildings and business customers offering each of them a unique, fully branded and customized service.

Internal communication network

Technical solutions can run in open or closed environments. Open environments are accessible over public internet, while closed environments are private premises with their own access and not available to users who are not present on the premises.

Nevron solution is completely independent on network type as we may deploy it to environments where clients use to connect

Platform components

ContentWare is the flagship technological component of the content platform, which enables the creation and management of different digital services on a single platform. Nevron IPTV/OTT Middleware is designed to provide entertainment video-based digital services that can be used on interactive big screens or mobile devices.

Streamron IPTV Headend enables audio and video streaming services with a state-of-the-art, highly reliable streaming solution. With IPTV Gateway, VOD, Transcoder, Recorder and Encoder, Streamron IPTV Headend is the ultimate choice for your streaming needs.

NevronCast for BYOD will elevate your hotel's in-room entertainment to the next level!With NevronCast, guests can enjoy their favorite content from Netflix or YouTube without having to sacrifice their mobile device. 

Integration Hub is a component that  includes a range of APIs and allows it to integrate with other third-party systems and services such as Property Management System, Fire Alarm System, Passenger Announcement System, GPS tracking, Smart Room Control, Point of Sale, advertising networks, social media platforms, analytics tools, and other.

Digital modules 
& services

ContentWare supports simple construction of various entertainment, commercial, engagement, communication, and informative services for the needs of a project through the modules, which are the building blocks of the ContentWare platform.

The main modules which are used to design digital services are: Tv, vod, aod, apps, catalog, shop, reservation, my interest, survey, ratings, social media, fast check-in, room care, notifications, digital signage, ship position.


Users can access digital devices on at least one type of touch-point, such as a personal computer, mobile device, interactive TV/STB, FaSTBox STBs and accessories, or smartwatch.

Nevron cooperates with well known manufacturers within the Display industry and thus fully supports Hospitality TV sets from Samsung, LG and Phillips. Additionally, we support all Android TV sets which gives a great opportunity to clients to select the most suitable screen for his project.  

Enabling mobility as one of desired functionality and often requests coming from system users Nevron provides native or web based applications for mobile devices such as Phones and Tablets. Activation and usage is super simple – scan the QR code and enjoy.


Digital services built with Nevron technologies are in most cases provided by specific service providers or properties as are hotels or vessels. 

Properties differentiate per their core services and purpose. As such each property belongs to a specific industry as is hospitality, maritime or healthcare.


Digital solutions are created to serve the needs of users, who are the center of attention. For example, hotels or ships may provide digital services through Nevron technologies. 

These properties have specific purposes and belong to different industries, such as hospitality, maritime, or healthcare.

Nevron content platform

Overall, the architecture of the Nevron content platform is designed to be highly modular, scalable, and flexible, allowing it to support a range of digital services and operate within an ecosystem of various technologies and environments.