Zmax Fairway Hotel

How ZMAX Fairway improved guest comfort with Nevron IPTV

ZMAX Fairway Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka, a part of the vibrant ZMAX Hotels, redefines the modern travel experience. With 181 designer rooms, it caters to travelers seeking novel experiences, blending comfort with advanced technology. Guests enjoy seamless Wi-Fi, innovative temperature control via motion sensors, mobile-based room access, IPTV for convenient order placements and a ViewBill screen that displays all incurred costs during the stay, embodying the essence of Generation 'Z' living. 





Facing a competitive hospitality landscape, ZMAX Fairway Hotel aimed to elevate guest satisfaction by personalizing their stay. They saw opportunities to boost hotel revenue by offering value-added services like room service, gift store and entertainment directly through the TV, enhancing accessibility and convenience. The goal was also to reduce staff workload, replacing traditional guest interactions with efficient technological solutions.


Nevron touch


Our approach began with an in-depth analysis of the hotel's existing setup and infrastructure. Building on extensive experience, our team prepared a customized, cost-effective Nevron IPTV solution for ZMAX Fairway. This turnkey solution featured a Streamron Headend for satellite channel streaming, a NevronWare platform for content and device management, a Streamron VOD server for a vast movie library, and FastBox Luxury devices in rooms. The fully branded interactive TV portal included modules like a gift store, room service, Video on Demand, welcome message and guest survey, all designed to elevate the guest experience.



The outcome


Nevron IPTV solution at ZMAX Fairway Hotel has brought new ways to earn more and save costs. The gift shop module lets guests shop right from their TV, any time, possibly boosting sales. The room service option now makes ordering food and drinks easier, helping sell more.


Replacing paper notes with a welcome message on the TV saves paper and work for the staff. The electronic survey on the TV makes gathering guest feedback quick and paperless. Plus, a new tool lets staff report room issues fast, helping fix things quicker.


These changes make the hotel run smoother and eventually even more profitable while giving guests a better stay, making ZMAX Fairway stand out for its modern, guest-friendly services.




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Published on July 29, 2022

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