Yazd Arg-E-Jadid Hotel

An exceptional accommodation experience with a blend of the past and the future.


The modern guest’s expectations of technology are rising as hotel technology becomes more and more integral to the hotel industry. Modern in-room entertainment options such as IPTV, streaming and casting capabilities are what your guests expect in every hotel room. During a complete renovation of the hotel property, hotel owners should consider upgrading the entire infrastructure with IT systems, including TV systems. Modern TV systems enable hoteliers to improve service, achieve higher profit margins and reduce operating costs.





Yazd Arg-E-Jadid Hotel, Iran is a modern 4-star hotel with 158 rooms in the heart of Iran. After a renovation in 2018, all rooms are equipped with an advanced TV system that not only brings high quality TV channels and movies to the hotel room, but also allows guests to order certain services directly from the hotel room.

“Arg Jadid Yazd” is located in the world’s first mud city, near one of the ancient sites called “Zoroastrian Crypt Mountain”. The hotel has 64 twin rooms, 4 deluxe suites, 2 wedding venues, 2 restaurants and 2 conference halls. The design of the hotel is traditional. It has a central courtyard and the facade of the hotel is made of bricks and thatch. The hotel rooms are made of new materials and equipped with modern furniture. “Arg Jadid Yazd” is a 4-5 star hotel. It is located on a hill, next to Tehran-Kerman bypass and Shiraz-Yazd intersection, opposite Yaz international exhi­bition. The hotel is a 20-minute drive from the airport and a 15-minute drive from the city center.







Nevron is working on a project with Samin Pardaz, a systems integrator that is entering the hospitality market with its own research and development department that uses Nevron’s technology and products to develop and deliver highly customized and localized IPTV solutions IT.







How can we improve the guest experience and increase their satisfaction during their stay at the hotel? Such questions are often asked when talking to hotel owners and managers.

In the case of Yazd-Arg-E Jadid, the hotel owners decided to completely renovate a building and change the exterior and interior to meet current standards for accommodations. At the same time, they decided to upgrade the entire infrastructure with IT systems to reduce operating costs and increase guest and staff satisfaction.

An existing TV system that was originally installed in the hotel was very unstable and vulnerable, which created a lot of work for the staff who had to maintain it on a daily basis. They were unable to control the TV sets, and hotel staff spent a lot of time resetting TV channels and other settings to default values after guests checked out and left the hotel.







The solution for the Yazd Arg-E-Jadid Hotel is based on a single server running both Axon Middleware and the Streamron VOD (Video On Demand) software module, which has proven to be a very cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution.

Axon Middleware is a central part of a system with multiple software options that can be turned on and off to provide the desired services in a hotel room. A fully branded TV portal, visible on the TV screen in a hotel room, supports multiple languages (including Farsi) and provides all hotel guests with a personalized user experience in their native language.

The Nevron system ensures complete control over 158 installed Fastbox devices (a special version of Hospitality STB connected to TV devices via the IR extender) and eliminates problems and labor previously caused by interventions required to reset TV settings to default values.

In terms of integration, Nevron has fully integrated its solution with Protel PMS to automate subscriber man­agement, system settings and billing.





  • Personalized, multilingual portal TV increases guest satisfaction and loyalty
  • Stable and remote TV sets and STB’s relieve staff and improve guest experience
  • New advertising channels directly in the hotel room open new alternatives to increase value and gener­ate additional revenues
  • Full integration with Protel PMS enables automatic service ordering and invoicing


When we were building a hotel, we searched the market for a new intelligent platform to manage TV: the new system TV should provide maximum comfort and impress the guests with high standards. After a long search, we chose Nevron’s IPTV solution - it covers entertainment, marketing and service requirements. Their native solution is the most stable, reliable and user-friendly. It is also a successful advertising platform, and guests have easy access to all hotel information and services. Nevron has an excellent and very responsive local partner who provides effective support when needed.

Farzad Ebrahimzadeh,
General Manager, Yazd Arg-E-Jadid Hotel

Kaja Gril

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Kaja Gril
Published on February 3, 2023

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