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Nevron IPTV solution and digital signage solution in the all-inclusive boutique hotel The Fives Oceanfront Puerto Morelos, Mexico
iptv solution in The Fives Ocean Front in Puerto Morelos,Mexico

The Fives Oceanfront in Puerto Morelos is a luxurious resort located in the stunning Riviera Maya of Mexico. The hotel has 84 rooms and 194 TVs. The management of The Fives Oceanfront hotel was looking for a comprehensive IPTV and digital signage solution to enhance their guest experience, provide better customer service and improve operational efficiency. They decided to partner with CM VA Consulting to  implement advanced IPTV technology from Nevron in their resort.




The customer and the partner



At The Fives Oceanfront - Puerto Morelos you can relax and recharge your senses. Edging the white sands and Caribbean Sea, The Fives Oceanfront - Puerto Morelos is a relaxing seaside escape immersed in the natural beauty of a charming beach village. Located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen on Mexico's breathtaking Riviera Maya, this peaceful all-suites resort offers a laid-back ambiance with a refreshing approach to modern Mexican design. Puerto Morelos is an authentic fishing village with a unique personality of a calm, bohemian and relaxed atmosphere that allows guests to connect with the simplicity of a beach paradise.


Nevron partnered on this project with CM VA Consulting, who are experts in creating customized audiovisual and telecommunications solutions for their clients in Mexico, the USA and Latin America. Based on customer needs, they have designed an optimal and functional IPTV solution with Nevron technology. Together we have planned and managed technology and resources to achieve operational and economic objectives of the hotel management. The primary objective was to provide a state-of-the-art hospitality IPTV solution that boasts a customized design, abundant features, and user-friendly operation for hotel staff.



The challenge 



The Fives Oceanfront hotel faced several challenges with their traditional cable TV system, including limited channel selection, poor picture quality, and inconvenient set-top boxes in every room. They also faced challenges with their digital signage solution, such as the need for manual updates and the inability to target specific guests.



The solution



Nevron provides a comprehensive IPTV and digital signage solution that addresses all the challenges faced by The Fives Oceanfront hotel. Nevron's IPTV solution allowed the hotel to offer guests an extensive selection of local channels, including options with pay tv and kids lock functionalities. Nevron's IPTV solution also eliminated the need for set-top boxes in every room, using Samsung Hospitality Smart TV in every room, connecting to the network TV port, as the service is delivered over the hotel's network. 




Nevron's digital signage solution allowed the hotel to provide targeted messages to their guests, such as promotions for the hotel's restaurant, spa, and other amenities. The digital signage solution was also easily updated, allowing the hotel to make real-time changes to its messaging.


The Fives Oceanfront hotel could use IPTV solution and digital signage to promote their offer in the following ways:


  • Welcome message: A personalized welcome message on TV helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as provide important information about the hotel.


  • Interactive menus: The hotel used the IPTV system to display interactive menus that showcase their tours and water sports offerings, as well as diving and snorkeling packages. Guests can browse through the offerings and make reservations directly through the system.


  • Digital screens: Digital screens placed in the hotel common areas and around the property promoted the various offers and amenities available to guests in rooms and common areas.


  • Digital screens:  Digital signage solution on the screens in the common areas highlighted live entertainment, infinity pool and hydrotherapy. 


  • Informational videos: The hotel marketing could show informational videos that showcase the five restaurants and bars on the property, the 24-hour suite room services, and the on-property shopping.


  • Room service ordering: The IPTV system is used to allow guests to order romantic dinners or premium dinners directly to their suite.


  • Spa and beach cabana reservations: The hotel can use the IPTV system to allow guests to book appointments at the full-service spa or reserve beach cabins for a day at the beach.


By using IPTV solutions and digital signage, The FIves Oceanfront hotels  can now effectively promote their offers to guests and enhance their overall experience at the property.






The implementation of Nevron IPTV and digital signage solutions provided The Fives Oceanfront hotel in Puerto Morelos with a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that improved guest experience, operational efficiency and customer service. The solution allowed to increase hotel ROI with help of personalized messaging, online reservations and promotion of offers. The CM AV Consulting and Nevron partnership was a success and provides an excellent example of how technology can enhance the hospitality industry.






The implementation of Nevron's IPTV and digital signage solutions provided numerous benefits to The Fives Oceanfront hotel’s guests. The new IPTV system allowed them easy navigation and access to a wide range of content, bookings, and useful information. The digital signage solution allowed hotel management to promote special offerings, making them more visible to their guests. The hotel could also provide important information, such as information about local events, to enhance the guest experience.


With yearly upgrades and customer support agreements, the customer received the newest updates of the IPTV solution and comprehensive customer support from the local partner team. 


The Nevron team and CM AV Consulting provided an excellent solution that enhanced guest experience, improved operational efficiency, and provided better customer service through a state-of-the-art hospitality IPTV and digital signage solution. The implementation of the Nevron solution allowed the hotel to offer a wide range of content, bookings, and useful information, and promote special offerings, making them more visible to their guests. The partnership between CM AV Consulting and Nevron was a success and an excellent example of how technology can enhance the hospitality industry.


Edgar Madrigal, IT manager of The Fives Ocean Front in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

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Kaja Gril
Published on April 11, 2023

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