Scenic Eclipse II

The Scenic Eclipse II is set to offer its guests an unparalleled experience with the implementation of advanced hospitality technologies, including the Nevron IPTV solution. 




The Nevron IPTV solution enables guests to access a wide range of high-quality content, television channels and on-demand content, including movies and TV shows, right from the comfort of their own suites.  The implementation of advanced technologies, such as the Nevron IPTV solution, is a testament to Scenic Eclipse II's commitment to providing its guests with an unrivaled experience. Everything is ready for guests to experience the future of hospitality and entertainment onboard Scenic Eclipse II. With state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips, guests will be able to stay connected and entertained throughout their voyage on this ultra-luxury expedition yacht.






The customer



In 2019, Scenic Eclipse, The World's First Discovery Yachts™, revolutionized the world of ultra-luxury ocean cruising. And now, it welcomes its guests to embark on a new era of expedition cruising with the eagerly-awaited arrival of Scenic Eclipse II.


Launching in early 2023, Scenic Eclipse II offers an unparalleled combination of innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled discovery. With the addition of a helicopter and a custom-built Scenic Neptune submarine, guests can now enjoy even more enhanced ultra-luxury spaces, new culinary experiences, and unparalleled exploration.



Guests will experience truly all-inclusive ultra-luxury, from spacious suites with butler service to the expansive 550 sqm Senses Spa and up to 10 outstanding dining experiences. Immerse yourself in exclusive cultural moments that will connect you to the heart of your destination. 


Although Scenic Eclipse II was proposed as a “copy” of Scenic Eclipse, there is virtually no space left unaltered. These new enhancements elevate the ultra-luxury experience, as Scenic Eclipse II will travel to nearly every corner of the globe - from ice-laden polar regions to the world’s most sought-after warm environs. Get ready to explore the most magnificent natural settings guided by an expert Discovery Team and enjoy exceptional discovery.








The challenge



With the abundance of services available on Scenic Eclipse II, it can be a challenge to provide relevant and up-to-date information in a convenient way that is easy for guests to access. It is crucial to ensure that guests have all the information they need about the entertainment, events, crew, and services available onboard to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.


When it comes to delivering the best possible experience for guests onboard the Scenic Eclipse II, there is no room for compromise. That's why choosing the right content platform was crucial for ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all guests. 


The platform needed to be bulletproof and stable, with a high level of reliability, to withstand the demands of the ship's environment and ensure that guests always have access to the information they need. After careful consideration, an IPTV solution from Nevron was selected that not only met these requirements, but also exceeded expectations. 






The solution



The ultra-luxury discovery yacht Scenic Eclipse II is now equipped with the latest and greatest in digital entertainment, thanks to Nevron technology. The Nevron content platform offers guests an unparalleled experience that is both engaging and informative, and helps to upsell services.


Designed to be seamless and intuitive, the IPTV solution allows guests to access all the information they need about the yacht's services and events with ease. It's also incredibly reliable, ensuring that guests always have access to the information they need.



Nevron technology was selected for this project because of our exceptional in-house development and customer support, which surpassed all expectations. Using the Streamron Gateway streaming server, guests can enjoy live channels, including a live bridge camera and the ship's position, from anywhere on the yacht. Our VoD service also offers plenty of entertainment options. With our IPTV Middleware solution, guests can access all relevant information from their television screens. 


Nevron content platform allows all content management including live channels, promotional offers and information about services in one place with different access levels to split the work between marketing, IT, and local providers, so each can fill their promotional content. 


Furthermore, the Nevron ship position module also provides guests with the ability to view real-time navigation and destination information. This will allow guests to stay informed about the ship's current location, weather conditions, and upcoming port calls, making their journey even more enjoyable and engaging.


The IPTV technology on the Scenic Eclipse II helps promote the various services available to guests, including the immersive dining experience at Chef's Garden @ Epicure. Guests can access information about the various culinary masterclasses, chocolate making workshops and whisky tasting sessions that are available in the Chef's Garden on the big TV screen right from the comfort of their suits. This can help promote the dining experience to guests and encourage them to participate.


The Digital signage solution is used to promote the expansive offerings of restaurants, bars, spa, boutiques onboard the ship. Guests can easily access information about the various spa treatments and other amenities available onboard. Stunning images give them a better understanding of what's on offer and help them make the most of their time onboard.


The brand-new Sky Bar on the Sky Deck with indoor and outdoor seating is also promoted through the Digital signage screens. This can entice guests to visit the Sky Deck and enjoy the stunning views while having a drink or taking a dip in the pool.


There is no better way to inform guests about an exciting entertainment program and onboard events than through the digital signage screens in common areas. The Digital Signage Solution, which is a part of our all-in-one Nevron IPTV system, helps keep guests in the know and up-to-date on all the latest happenings during their stay onboard Scenic Eclipse II. 


Additionally, digital signage is a great tool to promote future cruises by showcasing stunning imagery of the yacht's future destinations and excursions to create anticipation and excitement.


Finally, the IPTV system is also used to showcase the various upgrades and enhancements made to the Scenic Eclipse II suites, including the redesigned walk-in wardrobe and completely transformed bathrooms in the Owner’s Penthouse Suites. Guests can also view images and information about the upgraded bathrooms in the Spa Suites, promoting the spacious, circular spa bath and the latest jet technology in the separate shower. This can help guests understand the luxurious accommodations available to them onboard the ship.



IPTV luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II: Dashboard


IPTV luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II: Channels


IPTV luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II: Catalogue


IPTV luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II: Detailed view


IPTV luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II: Trip itinerary


IPTV luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II: Daily program


IPTV luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II: Videos on demand


IPTV luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II: Music on demand



The outcome



Thanks to the advanced Nevron content platform, guests onboard the Scenic Eclipse II can expect nothing less than the very best. From the moment they step aboard, they can access a wealth of information about the ship's dining experiences, spa treatments, and events, all delivered seamlessly through the platform. And with its bulletproof and stable design, they can rest assured that the information they need will always be at their fingertips, no matter what challenges the ship's environment may bring.


By using IPTV technology, guests can access a range of information about the services available onboard, including dining experiences, spa treatments, and events. The IPTV system can be easily accessed from the comfort of their own suite, allowing guests to plan their day and make reservations without the need to visit the reception desk.


By providing relevant and up-to-date information in a convenient way, Scenic Eclipse II can ensure that guests have a seamless and enjoyable experience. Using advanced technologies such as IPTV systems and mobile applications, along with knowledgeable and well-trained staff, can help to overcome the challenge of providing information to guests in an efficient and effective way.


“At Nevron, we are proud to have helped create an unforgettable experience for guests aboard the Scenic Eclipse II.”




We are honored to partner with Scenic Group and deliver exceptional onboard guest technology for their new-build program. As a preferred supplier, Nevron is committed to providing the ultimate experience for Scenic Eclipse II's guests. Our cutting-edge solutions have been designed to exceed the high standards of luxury yachts and provide a truly personalized cruise experience. We can't wait for guests to enjoy the enhanced experience our technology brings,

          Simon Bergant, CTO at Nevron.

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Kaja Gril
Published on July 26, 2023

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