Klikea Hotel Castle

An exceptional accommodation experience with a blend of the past and the future.

Nevron IPTV system in Klikea Hotel Castle



Renovating an existing hotel can be a multi-faceted and challenging process that requires significant investment and time on the part of the hotelier. Utilizing this opportunity, it is wise for the hotelier to strategically plan and determine how best to allocate these resources in order to achieve maximum results from their renovation. This planning should include a comprehensive review of the new concept, facilities, and revenue opportunities available from the renovation.


When embarking on a renovation project, it is important for hoteliers to keep in mind both customer preference and trends.  Incorporating customer feedback into the renovation process can lead to better facility design, improved customer service experiences, and more efficient operations. Additionally, keeping up with industry trends is important as this will ensure that the renovations are fresh and appealing to potential customers while also providing increased value to existing customers.


Another key consideration when considering renovations is cost effectiveness – there should be a balance between what needs to be done and what can be done within budget constraints. It’s also important to ensure that any investments into new amenities or features will have short-term impact with long-term benefits that will increase profitability over time. Planning ahead in terms of pricing strategies should also occur so that profits are maximized during periods of peak demand without compromising quality or service levels.


The hotelier should determine which areas require particular focus when renovating – for example, updating common areas such as lobbies or restaurants may provide broader appeal whereas modernizing guest rooms may lead to increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, if there are existing amenities or services that need improvement or expansion, such investments should be made judiciously as this could potentially lead to greater revenue streams for the business in the long run.





Klikea Hotel is located on the grounds of one of the oldest inhabited castles in Ireland. With a history dating back to 1180, Kilkea Castle combines the mystical charm of a majestic 12th century castle with the overwhelming appeal of timeless sophistication and style. Following an extensive renovation that redefines luxury, Kilkea Castle offers guests an exceptional overnight experience with a blend of the past and the future. The 140-room resort offers a variety of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. Guests can choose from a luxurious Castle Bedroom, a Castle Carriage Bedroom, a Self-Catering Golf Lodge or a Lodge Bedroom. All are equipped with the Nevron IPTV system.






Kilkea Castle Hotel came to us with a request to start with a basic solution and then expand after becoming familiar with the system and its capabilities. The hotel was undergoing a phased renovation, and the client wanted the implementation to follow the pace of room renovations. For this reason, the supplier (in this case Nevron) needed to be able to deliver, install and configure smaller  quantities. In addition, the customers expected the supplier to train and educate partner technicians so they could successfully operate and support the entire system after the initial go-live. A quick response and excellent planning were required because there
was only a small window of time after the room renovation was complete and new guests were arriving.







Kilkea Castle Hotel is based on a complete IPTV solution from Nevron. At the headend is a Streamron TV gateway with DVB-S2 and DVB-CT tuners capable of capturing live streams from TV from both satellite and terrestrial sources. Originally, the TV hotel opted for a solution with only 40 endpoints and FastBox Luxury devices installed in the hotel rooms. With the pace of the renovation, more devices were installed, and two years later 140 rooms were fully equipped with the modern, feature-rich TV system, which brings video, audio, and a wealth of information to the hotel room. In the final phase, the hotel PMS was implemented and Nevron performed a full integration with HotSoft, which is used for this purpose.


We presented the Nevron demo system to Kilkea Castle Hotel and they liked it. It's a simple, easy-to-use, feature-rich system that can be up and running in minutes. It is the only system we evaluated that can do everything a client needs (PMS connectivity, order shop, services...). I look forward to continuing to work with the Nevron team on many new projects.


Chris Conway, Conway TV, Ireland, Local partner on this project




  • Scalability of the solution, which allowed a basic implementation in a limited number of rooms
    at the beginning and a gradual expansion of the functions and number of rooms with the pace of
  • Complete turnkey solution delivered by Nevron with integration services - a single point of
  • Easy management, simple operation of the system with the fully branded portal TV.




Finally, renovations should always consider sustainability initiatives as well as energy efficiency measures in order to reduce operational costs while benefiting from government incentives associated with green and sustainable practices. Taking these proactive steps will not only help reduce environmental impacts but could also serve as great marketing tools – thus driving more customers through improved credibility amongst eco-conscious consumers.


In conclusion, renovating an existing hotel presents many challenges but careful planning can ensure success if done right. Hoteliers must take into account customer preferences, industry trends, cost-effectiveness measures, strategic investments into amenities and services, sustainability initiatives as well as energy efficiency measures when undertaking a comprehensive review of their new concept, facilities and revenue opportunities available from their renovation project.


It's a fresh start, revitalizing existing technology with the new system upgrade to improve daily operations and enhance the guest experience. Start with TV Only and then move to Nevron IPTV solution with PMS integration.

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Published on July 29, 2022

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