Luxury Yacht Emerald Azzurra

How Emerald Azzurra elevated luxury cruises with Nevron's IPTV solution

Emerald Azzurra, a 100-passenger luxury yacht, sets new standards in cruising. Launched by Emerald Cruises of the Scenic Group in 2022, this 361-foot vessel sails the Adriatic Coast, Red Sea, and the Mediterranean with unmatched grace. It's more than a yacht – it's a unique blend of cruise comfort and private luxury. From its spacious suits to diverse dining and activities like jet skiing and snorkeling, Emerald Azzurra offers intimate and memorable sailing experiences. Every detail is crafted to ensure guests indulge in unparalleled luxury at sea.



The challenge


Emerald Azzurra had a clear goal: enhance the luxury experience with a diverse range of entertainment and information options. The challenge? Maximizing these options through the existing setup, including just two satellite antennas. With much less roof space available for extra equipment compared to larger cruise ships, Emerald Azzurra needed a robust and reliable platform that could excel in such a demanding environment. They decided Nevron was the ideal choice for their challenge, impressed by our complete in-house development and exceptional customer support.



Nevron touch


Our customized Nevron IPTV solution for Emerald Azzurra combines entertainment with streamlined information management. Its user-friendly content management system (CMS) allows for smooth content control and direct guest communication. The Nevron IPTV includes live streaming, promotional content, and detailed service information, all accessible from guests' rooms. We also implemented the Streamron Headend, a robust streaming server, to capture and broadcast live channels and ship data. Seamlessly integrated with the yacht's GPS, it displays real-time ship positions on TVs. We've also incorporated a Video on Demand (VoD) service, offering guests a selection of movies and shows to watch at their leisure. This comprehensive approach allows the crew to provide all relevant information directly to guests’ TVs, reducing the need for printed leaflets and enhancing the overall experience.




The outcome


Equipped with our advanced digital solutions, Emerald Azzura now offers an even more enjoyable sailing experience. Nevron IPTV enriches guest stays by providing a variety of entertainment and essential information directly in their suits. This also significantly reduces staff workload, allowing them to focus on superior guest service. The benefits are multifaceted: increased guest satisfaction, cost efficiency by minimizing printed materials, enhanced marketing opportunities with the ability to promote and upsell future cruises using QR codes, direct advertising of onboard activities and amenities through in-toom TVs, and the convenience of in-room access to key information like itineraries and activities. Designed specifically for luxury yachts, our solutions assure a personalized and elevated guest experience.



Kaja Gril

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Kaja Gril
Published on February 3, 2023

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