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Having an IPTV system onboard a small cruise vessel can provide a personalized cruising experience. Implementation of IPTV technology on a smaller ship can be challenging as it requires a lot of space for installation of IPTV equipment. That's where you need a professional team and careful planning to manage successfull installation of the IPTV equipment.




Having an IPTV system onboard a small cruise vessel can provide a variety of benefits for both passengers and crew. IPTV allows for the delivery of high-quality, interactive video and television programming to individual cabins, as well as common areas, via the vessel's onboard network. This can enhance the onboard entertainment experience, provide important safety and navigational information, and help to streamline communication and operations for crew members. Additionally, IPTV can be a revenue generator through the sale of premium content and advertising opportunities.




The customer



The Grand Circle Cruise Line (GCCL) provides a unique opportunity for travelers to explore destinations along rivers and waterways in comfort and intimacy. Their ships range from 86 to 162 passengers with groups of 38-45, each featuring an array of modern amenities and comfortable, outside cabins with breathtaking views.


Operated by the renowned OAT Travel agency, the M/V Athena, M/V Arethusa, and M/V Artemis offer a personalized small-ship cruising experience. Guests can enjoy a range of activities, including lectures, cultural performances, and hands-on workshops, and unwind in the ship's restaurant, lounge, or sun deck.


These vessels present ideal accommodation for travelers seeking an intimate and relaxed atmosphere while exploring beautiful new destinations. With their smaller size, they create opportunities for guests to connect with fellow passengers and crew, making their journey a more personalized and memorable experience.




The challenge



The modernization and digitalization of guest experiences onboard vessels bring many benefits, such as enhanced guest satisfaction and improved efficiency. But you need to be aware that introduction of new technology and digital systems can lead to technical issues that can cause delays in operations. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that the necessary support team is in place to prevent any downtime. 


The modernization and digitalization of guest experiences can also be costly, especially for smaller vessels or companies. Implementing new systems and technology may require significant investments in infrastructure, equipment, and staff training.


Implementation of IPTV technology on a smaller ship can be challenging as it requires a lot of space for installation of IPTV equipment. You need a professional team and careful planning to manage installation of the IPTV equipment and overcome the challenges with the limited space. You also need special knowledge of IPTV technology and lots of practical experience to connect all devices and convert signals correctly. 


In order to modernize the infrastructure on three ships owned by GCCL - Arethusa, Athena and Artemis, our partner, the customer Kastav Grupa, asked to support them in the process of modernization of ship infrastructure. 




The solution



Nevron offered a comprehensive IPTV solution with a wide range of functionalities that allowed ship operators to deliver an unparalleled guest experience.


The implemented IPTV solution for the three vessels involves the integration of various components, including the Nevron IPTV Middleware, Streamron IPTV Gateway, and Streamron DVB to IP gateway software. All components were installed on a single server to manage the challenge with limited space for system installation .


The system configuration and maintenance of IPTV Middleware Software, Streamron IPTV VOD Software and IPTV Gateway were done remotely by the Nevron service team, with physical installation of server and TV screens by the partner Kastav Grupa.


The system is capable of supporting four HDMI inputs and  6x DVB-S2/C2/T2 tuners supported by the multiswitch TRIAX  9x12C.


The Nevron IPTV middleware provided software licenses for 50 screens, which were physically connected to the set-top boxes in the IPTV system. In-room devices include the FaSTBox Luxury S905x with programmable RC, which comes with a power supply and supports POE. The FaSTBox IR Extender or Data Cable is optional and specified at the PO.


With the advanced license Nevron IPTV Middleware Software,  the operator can now easily customize welcome messages, create interactive catalogs, showcase itineraries, and provide real-time ship information to your guests. A user-friendly interface of Nevron IPTV Middleware software allows you to manage all aspects of your IPTV system with ease.


One of the implemented features was ship position tracking, where the webpage showing a map was transformed to a UDP stream in order to transmit the signal to all devices as a normal TV channel.. This feature allowed guests to track the exact location, speed, and direction of the vessels in real-time, enhancing transparency and engagement during the cruise experience.




To offer as much info for the guests, they also show restaurant camera feed on their channel list. We did this by converting the RTSP camera stream into UDP stream with our Streamron GW SW.


The Nevron IPTV Middleware software integration with GMS (Guest Management System) was implemented via open API. This allows them to send personalized messages to the guest rooms catered to seven different guest types. Whether you're a returning visitor or a loyal member of their program, the welcome message is tailored to their specific needs and preferences. They can also send any other promotional messages to the TV screens, which show as a pop-up window.


For OTA Travel passenger’s safety is our top priority. That's why they are taking steps to improve our safety protocol by expanding the broadcast of safety videos to more locations throughout the ship with help of Nevron IPTV. With these videos, guests have easy access to crucial safety information that can help them in the event of an emergency. No matter where you are on the ship, you can feel confident that you have the knowledge you need to stay safe. 


Remote training was provided for 50 Smart TV configurations after physical installation, with extended support 8/5 provided until IPTV system takeover. Expert availability over mobile phone, Skype, email, phone, remote system access provided for special interventions during takeover.


Annual maintenance and support services under a yearly flat-rate model (Nevron SW M&S) guarantees access to the Nevron Help Desk and troubleshooting.


Here are some examples of what services and information were digitized with the implementation of the IPTV system.




IPTV Portal Overseas adventure travel dashboard


IPTV Portal Overseas adventure travel safety information


IPTV Portal Overseas adventure travel information catalogues


IPTV Portal Overseas adventure travel information catalogues


IPTV Portal Overseas adventure travel entertainment


IPTV Portal Overseas adventure travel entertainment




The benefits



By utilizing all IPTV Middleware features, the OTA Travel group has not only modernized and digitized their processes but also significantly enhanced the guest experience.

Here are some main benefits of the IPTV system implementation onboard vessel:

  • Enhanced guest experience: The comprehensive IPTV solution provided various functionalities like customizable welcome messages, interactive catalogs, real-time ship information, and a wide range of entertainment options (Live TV, Movies, Music, Games), improving the overall guest experience.
  • Personalization: Personalized welcome messages catered to seven different guest types, making guests feel valued and attended to.
  • Passenger safety: Expanded broadcast of safety videos throughout the ship provided easy access to crucial safety information, ensuring passenger safety in case of emergencies.



The outcome



The successful implementation of the Nevron IPTV system on three vessels was an important step towards introducing the new technology and digital tools to meet preferences of guests. With training and support, it was easy for the crew and staff to adapt to the new digital system.


Overall, the implementation of the Nevron IPTV system has been a tremendous success, and we look forward to expanding this technology to smaller size vessels in the future. 


We're committed to continually investing in the latest innovations to ensure that guests have the most enjoyable and seamless cruise experience possible.







With the Nevron IPTV system, guests can now access a wide range of entertainment options, including live TV channels, on-demand audio and video content, all from the comfort of their own cabins. They can also easily access important ship information, such as daily itineraries, weather updates and dining options

Branislav Vokurek, Corporate Hotel Manager at GCCL & OAT

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Kaja Gril
Published on July 7, 2023

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