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Elevating Hospitality: Edgewater Resort & Spa unleashes innovative multi-tenant IPTV hospitality solution for unforgettable stays



The Edgewater Resort & Spa sought a hospitality technology solution to enhance guest entertainment and information services, streamline infrastructure, and optimize functionality. They decided to explore a specialized Hospitality IPTV solution from a local operator to leverage large screens for guest entertainment and information dissemination, as well as to showcase hotel promotions. Vodafone, the leading telecommunications provider in the Cook Islands, recommended integrating a dedicated Hospitality IPTV system. This system, managed from a centralized data center at Vodafone, provides remote management capabilities, eliminating the necessity for manual intervention and simplifying operational procedures.


The partner 


The Vodafone Group, a prominent telecommunications service provider in the Cook Islands, was selected as the project partner. Leveraging their expertise in mobile, internet, fixed-line, and television services, Vodafone successfully implemented a comprehensive telecommunications solution. With a keen focus on precision, Vodafone guaranteed the network's smooth operation, resulting in impeccable performance and functionality.



The customer 


The Edgewater Resort & Spa in Rarotonga provides luxurious tropical beachfront lodging with stunning ocean vistas. Situated close to the airport and town, the resort boasts 280 rooms, including villas, crafted for relaxation and seclusion. Guests can enjoy an authentic Cook Islands adventure with friendly service, vibrant culture, and breathtaking scenery.




The challenge 


The Edgewater Resort & Spa faced the challenge of enhancing guest entertainment and information services while simultaneously simplifying infrastructure and optimizing functionality. The hotel management sought to discover a hospitality technology that could achieve these goals seamlessly.


Specifically, they were in search of a dedicated Hospitality IPTV solution, ideally provided by a local telecom operator. This solution would empower them to utilize their expansive screens for both informing and entertaining guests, thereby effectively promoting the hotel's various offerings. However, a pivotal challenge arose in the process: crafting compelling and informative content for the IPTV system. This challenge emerged due to the extensive list of services provided by The Edgewater Resort & Spa. The primary objective was to minimize guest inquiries at the reception desk by providing thorough and detailed information about the myriad amenities and facilities available throughout the resort.


Navigating this challenge required striking a balance between ensuring comprehensive coverage of services and amenities while keeping the content engaging and concise. The ultimate goal was to create an experience where guests could effortlessly access the information they sought via the IPTV system, reducing the need for direct inquiries and fostering a more seamless and enjoyable stay.


In essence, The Edgewater Resort & Spa, in collaboration with Bluesky Cook Islands, aimed to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the guest experience. However, the challenge lay in curating content that was both informative and engaging, ultimately transforming the IPTV system into a valuable tool for guests and a means to efficiently manage inquiries at the reception.



The solution 


Vodafone Cook Island experts recommended a Hospitality multitenant IPTV solution. This innovative system centralizes a Hospitality IPTV system in a data center at Vodafone's location. It allows for remote management, eliminating the need for manual intervention and simplifying operational processes. 


The centralized server simplifies content distribution and updates for hotel owners, allowing remote management and scheduling without manual intervention, reducing operational complexities.


On the other hand, the key advantage of a multitenant approach is the elimination of hardware at the hotel, leading to lower local maintenance needs and reduced costs. With only one server required, there is no need for separate servers for each hotel, resulting in significant cost savings due to the absence of additional hardware investments. 


At the core of the solution lies the Nevron IPTV Middleware Software, housed in a server within the service operator's datacenter on-site. This software facilitates an exceptional inroom entertainment experience by managing content distribution, channel lineups, user profiles, and more. Transmission to hotel rooms is achieved through cables and set-top boxes. 



  • Nevron IPTV Middleware: Implementing Axon IPTV Middleware Software with a software license for up to 300 display connections is installed on a server provided by ISP with hardware recommendations provided by Nevron.


  • Nevron Digital Signage Software: In addition to Hospitality IPTV license there is also Digital Signage license added optionally for 10 screens that may be installed in common places such as reception, gym and other. This solution will enable the resort to showcase promotional content and important information throughout the property.


  • Streamron IPTV VOD: Deploying Streamron IPTV VOD Server, a physical network server with 4TB of free space, allowing for the streaming of 60 concurrent VOD streams.


  • STB and Accessories: 300 FaSTBox Luxury S905x set-top boxes with POE capabilities and metal cases come with programmable remote controls, HDMI ports, and power supplies. Additionally, FaSTBox S905 (non-POE, plastic) and FaSTBox IR Extenders can be used as alternative options.


  • Maintenance & Configuration: Together with our partner, Nevron offers comprehensive maintenance and configuration services, including remote system configuration, VOD configuration, STB/TV configuration (after on-site installation), and extended support (8/5 availability for expert assistance via mobile phone, Skype, email, and remote system access).


  • Full Software License Renewal: The resort team benefits from unlimited access to Nevron Help Desk, technical support, basic technical consultancies, and priority access to other Nevron support services. By consistently renewing the software license, the customer receives seamless access to updates and the latest software releases, ensuring uninterrupted support.





The benefits 


Implementing the proposed Hospitality IPTV system offers several benefits:


  • Enhanced guest experience through informative and entertaining content delivered
    via IPTV solution.
  • Increased revenue opportunities through promotional content and service
  • Lower maintenance costs due to centralized maintenance of the IPTV middleware by
    local telecom provider..  
  • Complete control over content management distribution. They can curate a channel
    lineup that aligns with their brand and caters to the preferences of their guests. This
    flexibility allows for the customization of offerings for different guest segments and
  • Streamlining staff workload and reducing guest inquiries by delivering
    comprehensive and visually engaging information through videos and images.

Cost savings due to centralized server and reduced need for additional infrastructure.

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Kaja Gril
Published on July 7, 2023

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