Aman Venice Hotel

Improve the guest experience by replacing the existing hotel TV system with a Nevron IPTV solution.

Improving the guest experience at Aman Venice Hotel


The current hotel industry environment is increasingly competitive. Hotel managers are constantly striving to improve guest satisfaction, while guest expectations for special care and personalized treatment continue to rise. The hospitality and lodging industry faces the challenge of identifying guests' needs early enough and meeting them in the most professional manner. Aman Venice Hotel in Venice, a place of numerous artists, composers and conductors, decided to offer more to its guests and implement a modern IPTV system that allows audio on-demand and promotional videos played between live streams.


The customer decided to keep the existing Amino STB equipment, so the selected vendor, in this case Nevron, would support it.



The customer and the partner


Aman Resort International is a luxury hotel group with 33 locations in 21 countries. The word "Aman" means peace, safety and security in many languages, and so most of the hotels in this group place special emphasis on providing their hotel guests with an
unforgettable stay. The Aman Venice Hotel is located directly on the famous Grand Canal in Venice and is famous for the wedding of George Clooney, who stayed here with his wife.

Nevron partnered on this project with InterSat, an Italian reseller and systems integrator specializing in digital satellite, terrestrial and other video-related projects. The very good cooperation resulted in a successful delivery to the Aman Venice Hotel and many others.


The challenge


The hotel was already equipped with an IPTV system from another provider, but it wasn't meeting expectations. It was decided to  replace it with an alternative capable of delivering a reliable, stable and feature-rich infotainment platform that would enhance the guest experience by delivering information and multimedia content directly to the hotel room. Due to the sensitive interior design and the particular location of the TV screen (which is mounted in a closet in the middle of the room), special attention was required for cabling and proper invisible installation.


The solution


The solution for the Aman Resort is based on the Nevron Hospitality TV solution, which includes Axon middleware and the Streamron video and audio on-demand software module that stores and plays lots of advertising content and high-quality music. A fully branded TV portal brings to the hotel room information about services available in the hotel area and promotes Venice's attractions. Nevron did the integration of Amino STBs in this project and developed a client for the STB that can communicate with the system in the backend (i.e. Nevron middleware and Streamron VOD /AOD server) Amino STBs continue to be located in hotel rooms where minor modifications have been made to allow TV screens to be installed in unusual locations such as closets in the middle of the room. All STBs are connected to the TV set via a IR extender, which means the installation is invisible and guests use a single remote control to manage the service.




  • Nevron's IPTV products seemed to be the perfect choice for the Aman Venice Hotel to meet basic guest expectations and increase comfort and satisfaction levels
  • Improve the guest experience by replacing the existing TV system with the Nevron IPTV solution
  • Minimize costs by integrating existing Amino STB equipment with Nevron Axon middleware Enabling audio on demand and promo videos to play between live streams
  • Innovative approach by making the STB installation "invisible" to preserve the interior design



The Outcome


The wide variety of entertainment, information and communication services offered by the Nevron Hospitality TV solution turned passive TV use into a virtual experience in a class of its own.

Nevron IPTV Middleware supports an extensive range of attractive IPTV apps that offer services necessary to increase user/guest satisfaction of the IPTV portal, generate profits and reduce the provider's operating costs on TV.

Our 5-star luxury hotel in Venice overlooks the Grand Canal, and many of the rooms feature protected frescoes and reliefs. We set high standards for our guests who come to our hotel at every turn, and we select only the best products and services. For the TV system, we were looking for the most reliable solution that would fit our existing hardware (Amino STBs). We chose Nevron because their IPTV system is a perfect fit and very stable. We have had only positive experience with their solution, only a few times there were minor problems, their helpdesk was very responsive and solved the minor incidents very quickly.


Andrea Moretti, Chief Engineer, Aman Venice




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Published on July 29, 2022

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