Promote your business with an IPTV portal

Promote your business with an IPTV Portal enabling cross promotion, online shopping, guest entertainment and more.


IPTV/OTT technology has so much to offer that at some point it becomes difficult to consolidate it all in one place so that administrators, editors, and users can easily access, manage, and monitor it.


Thanks to the technology from WEB and a set of iOS and Android frameworks UI used by IPTV Portal, it is possible to provide a truly cross-platform and multilingual interface with great usability and many options for customization. Such an interface can provide access to and management of all services of an IPTV/OTT solution on any device via a web browser or native application:

  • STB,
  • Smart TV,
  • Smartphones,
  • Tablets,
  • Interactive kiosks or even game consoles.




Cross-platform accessibility



The ability to play media content on any screen or device, even the one you carry in your pocket, expands your freedom to enjoy your favourite movies, TV and other media when and where you want. For administrators of IPTV/OTT solutions that bring the full variety of digital entertainment to your screen, it is much more convenient to manage all IPTV/OTT components such as audio/video streamers or IPTV/OTT middleware through a unified backend office - regardless of OS, model or manufacturer of your device.


As long as you have an up-to-date web browser and Internet access on your device, you can access the IPTV/OTT portal and all offered IPTV services.


Multiple devices



The modular architecture of the IPTV end-to-end solution makes it easier


HTML5, iOS and Android frameworks UI provide some freedom in developing the design and logic of the IPTV portal user interface.


The IPTV portal takes advantage of this by providing the ability to aggregate all services provided by specific IPTV/OTT systems or simply add more services such as cloud gaming. IPTV portal with modular architecture and unified back-end office:


the IPTV portal can be easily modified, allows adding new services and supports more media types, introduces a better approach to system management and improves user experience.


This multi-interface IPTV/OTT platform architecture enables easy integration of new services such as e-shops, food ordering, catalogues and other cross-sales and promotion tools that generate additional revenue, which is in high demand in the hotel industry:  Ancillary bookings represent a significant opportunity to add revenue while increasing guest engagement.




Get the security of a server-driven user interface



IPTV portal content and styling, based on SDUI principles, are provided by the server backend. Client devices and native applications receive an updated version of the user interface each time they connect to the server.


Proprietary interfaces are far less flexible and cannot be updated as easily because they are hard-coded for the client devices and written for a specific platform.


In contrast, the IPTV portal based on HTML5 and the mobile OS framework is much more secure.


It is based on standards used everywhere, and most security or performance issues are quickly fixed with prompt updates and notifications to users and administrators, while the fanciest design and usability features are implemented faster compared to proprietary interfaces.


Custom IPTV viewing portal




The interactive IPTV portal is a great advertising tool



For IPTV/OTT systems, the use of an interactive IPTV portal is obviously a great advantage - IPTV/OTT aims to replace classic media broadcasting solutions by offering interactivity and flexibility that older systems such as CATV, VCR and DVD cannot provide.


IPTV Portal is no longer just a replacement for a TV device. Rather, it is a hub for media entertainment services, shopping, event announcements, room services and much more.


For users, it's a convenient way to access their favorite media content. And for operators, hotels and content providers, it's a powerful, revenue-generating tool that can be easily adapted to changing market conditions and target group interests.


Do you feel inspired to use the IPTV portal? Nevron's IPTV products are optimized for effective use in a variety of industries. Contact us today for a free demonstration of a balanced IPTV portal. Many hoteliers, cruise ship builders and telecommunications operators are already maximizing the utilization and profitability of their facilities and network infrastructure with the Nevron IPTV system.



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Published on May 7, 2021

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