Modern patient TV system for healthcare facilities

During a stay in a hospital or other medical facility, patients are expected to have a certain level of comfort. Private healthcare facilities, in particular, are expected to provide patients with amenities that make their stay away from home much more comfortable.

The level of patient satisfaction is one of the most important indicators of the quality of services offered by a medical centre.  Medical centres are constantly looking for ways to increase patient satisfaction. In addition to successful and high-quality medical treatment, patients expect professional and pleasant medical staff, as well as a high level of comfort and access to various modern amenities.


Hospitals that have a modern TV system are more likely to be recommended. One of the most important amenities that contribute significantly to patient comfort is access to modern entertainment, information, and communication services. In hospitals and medical centres, all of these services and amenities can be made available to patients with a modern hospital system TV such as the medical version of Nevron Hospitality TV.


Hospitals, medical centres and nursing homes are among the healthcare enterprises that can most benefit from the capabilities of a modern medical TV system.



Better control over the patient


Being hospitalised and away from home is a very stressful time for a person. In most cases, patients feel helpless. While their personal health or even life is at stake, patients are eager to get all the information about their illness or injury, medical condition, current healing progress, following treatment procedures and other information about their medical treatment. Access to this information can be easily achieved by integrating a medical TV system with Nevron medical IT systems.


Patients expect more convenience, more control over their health and more options. When they are able to track their current health status, learn more about their illness or injury, and become more involved in their treatment procedures, patients have more confidence in their medical treatment and more influence over their continued recovery and stay at the medical centre.


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Better connectivity for patients


During hospitalisation, there is also a need for communication with family members. Constant communication with family members through various communication tools such as Skype, email and the like could also be made easily accessible to patients through Nevron's medical system TV.


Having constant access to family members and medical staff builds patient confidence. A medical system TV allows patients to reach medical staff more easily. A nurse call button can be used to make health or comfort requests, such as asking for an extra pillow, a drink, bed cleaning, meal availability and the like.



Improved patient comfort


Spending one or more days in bed means a lot of free time. With access to numerous entertainment and information services, especially the Internet, time passes more quickly for any patient using these smart TV services. It can be very beneficial for patients to forget about their health problems while watching a movie or surfing the Internet, so they do not have to think about their problems all the time.


Better patient care


While many patient needs and expectations are met through access to a modern medical TV system, medical staff can focus more on medical care. Patient satisfaction means medical staff can focus on medical care. Patient care can also be improved by involving patients more in the healing process itself. Because of the wealth of information accessible through the medical system TV, a patient can better understand the decisions and procedures of the medical staff.



Better care for the elderly


A special group of users of the Nevron medical TV system are elderly people in nursing homes. While some technical skills are required to navigate the intelligent TV menus on a TV screen, TV systems for nursing homes are typically limited to basic functions. Among other things, a personal button that functions as a nurse call button can be used most efficiently.



A variety of TV services


The Nevron Hospitality TV medical system offers a variety of interactive services that can be accessed at TV right at a patient's bedside or in a nursing home room. Viewing TV channels, video on demand, internet, menus and other medical centre information, connecting with staff, surveys about staff, treatments and other aspects of the stay are just a few of the apps and services available on a medical smart screen TV.

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Elina Komlanc
Published on December 20, 2022

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