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Modern TV systems based on IP technologies are increasingly penetrating business environments and becoming an indispensable part of the overall enterprise communications strategy.

IPTV solutions have become an increasingly popular technology for the corporate industry. The ability to provide customized content, high-quality multimedia, and seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure make IPTV solutions a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve employee training, internal communication, and guest services.


Modern TV systems based on IP technologies are increasingly penetrating business environments and becoming an indispensable part of the overall enterprise communications strategy. Companies are taking advantage of TV to better communicate with interested members of the public, both inside and outside the company.


IPTV solutions for the corporate industry typically involve a combination of hardware and software components. The hardware includes set-top boxes or smart TVs that are connected to the corporate network, while the software consists of a server that streams the content, a middleware that manages the content, and a user interface that allows users to navigate through the available channels and multimedia content.


Television as a means of communication is still considered one of the most reliable channels of information. As such, it is also perceived by employees, partners and customers, with whom valuable information can be exchanged via the corporate TV system. Based on a corporate TV system, many TV channels can be created and broadcast, tailored to different target groups and shown on selected displays.


Banks and insurance companies, shopping malls, factories, offices of service providers, media companies or other business environments, as well as public administrations and government institutions can be classified in this industry sector.


Advantages of IPTV solution for the corporate industry


One of the key benefits of IPTV solutions for the corporate industry is the ability to provide customized content to specific users or groups of users. For example, an organization may create a dedicated IPTV channel for employee training, which can be accessed by employees at any time from their desktops or mobile devices. Similarly, IPTV solutions can be used to provide internal communication, such as corporate news updates or live webcasts of company events.


Another advantage of IPTV solutions for the corporate industry is the ability to deliver high-quality multimedia content. Unlike traditional TV broadcasts, which can be affected by poor signal quality or network congestion, IPTV streams are delivered over a dedicated IP network, which ensures consistent video and audio quality.


In addition to internal applications, IPTV solutions for the corporate industry can also be used for external applications, such as providing guest access to TV channels and other multimedia content in hotels or other public spaces. IPTV solutions can also be used for digital signage, where multimedia content is displayed on digital displays throughout a building or campus.


Improve internal communication with IPTV solution


Corporate TV is a powerful communication tool for companies of all sizes. Nevron offers a range of IPTV products that serve as perfect components for building an intelligent corporate TV system.


TV is still considered by viewers as a communication tool with the most reliable information. Live events, video training, video news and other information can be broadcast or made available to employees on demand through the company LAN. For example, the company's proprietary system, TV, can support training programmes for sales personnel by explaining and demonstrating the latest products and services on screen.


A proprietary system TV can also be used to communicate important company news and information to management or board members, record meetings and other events, and make the recordings visible to others. It is also commonly used to provide promotional and entertainment content to visitors in public areas of the company and to employees in break areas.


An intelligent TV system throughout the business environment conveys a special message to visitors simply by its presence. The presence of a TV system, especially when high-quality and modern displays are used, subconsciously conveys to the viewer that the company has high standards and is trustworthy or offers high-quality products and services.


The dissemination of information through a corporate network TV can be managed from many angles. While TV is one of the most powerful communication tools with the greatest influence on viewers' opinions, it should be used with precision and caution. Content should be made available only to specific groups of viewers, at specific times, and in specific locations. All this can be easily achieved if an intelligent enterprise system ( TV ) supports high-level control over its key entities, such as content, viewers, or ads.


Improve communications with interested members of the public, such as employees, customers, or business partners. With a modern corporate TV system, such as that offered by Nevron IPTV, communication with employees, suppliers and customers can be significantly improved. Corporate videos can be broadcast live or on-demand and distributed throughout the company LAN to individual TV displays.


An enterprise system TV can be used for a variety of applications. The possibilities are numerous, and the most engaging, relevant, and trustworthy content can be distributed under complete control.

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Elina Komlanc
Published on December 20, 2022

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