How casting technology is revolutionizing hotel's business?

Elevate your hotel's in-room entertainment with NevronCast technology! Say goodbye to complicated set-ups and hello to effortless, user-friendly entertainment for your guests.

In the age of streaming services, casting technology has become essential for hoteliers to keep up with the growing demand for content. Casting technology refers to a system that allows guests to stream content from their personal devices such as phones or laptops onto the TV in their hotel room. This type of technology has become increasingly popular in hotels and offers many benefits to both the guest and the hotelier.


Elevate your hotel's in-room entertainment with NevronCast technology! Say goodbye to complicated set-ups and hello to effortless, user-friendly entertainment for your guests. With NevronCast, guests can enjoy their favorite content from Netflix or YouTube without having to sacrifice their mobile device. Unlike mirroring, NevronCast allows for multi-tasking and enhances the overall guest experience. Impress your guests and simplify your in-room entertainment with NevronCast.


Benefits for guests


Casting technology allows guests to access their streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ on the hotel’s television. This eliminates the hassle of having to log into each service separately and also ensures that guests have access to their favorite shows or movies regardless of where they are staying. Additionally, casting technology provides a less complicated way for guests to share photos or videos from their device onto a bigger screen.


Though streaming services are becoming increasingly popular among travelers, there is still a large portion of people who prefer traditional cable TV. For those people, casting technology can still be beneficial because it allows them to access more channels than what is typically available through traditional cable packages. Guests can also take advantage of live programming such as sports games or news broadcasts that may not be available on any given streaming service.


Benefits for hoteliers


In addition to benefiting guests, casting technology helps hoteliers give their guests an enhanced stay experience without having to invest heavily in other forms of entertainment such as gaming consoles or karaoke systems. With streaming services being so prevalent today, it’s important for hoteliers to keep up with this trend in order to provide an enjoyable experience that will make customers want to come back again and again. Additionally, implementing casting technology into your hotel can help you save time and money by reducing labor costs associated with setting up additional types of entertainment.                                                 


Casting technology is quickly becoming an essential part of providing guests with an enjoyable stay experience at hotels around the world. Not only does it provide a cost-effective way for hoteliers to keep up with modern trends but it also offers many benefits both for guests and hotel owners alike by making it easy for customers to access all their favorite streaming services while still giving them access to traditional cable channels and live programming options as well. All these features combined make casting technology a must-have feature in any modern hospitality establishment.


Difference between casting and screen mirroring 


Casting and screen mirroring are two different methods of displaying content from a mobile device to a TV. Casting allows a user to select content from an app or website, while screen mirroring requires the user to mirror the entire display of their mobile device onto the TV. 

There are key differences between the two. Casting can provide more control over what content is displayed, while screen mirroring provides a complete representation of what is happening on the mobile device.  


Casting offers several benefits, including:

  • High-quality streaming: casting generally offers better quality and smoother streaming than mirroring, especially for video content.
  • Ease of use: with casting, you can control the content from your phone or tablet, and the content will play directly on the target device, rather than on your device.
  • Multi-tasking: when casting, you can continue to use your phone or tablet for other tasks while the content plays on the target device.

Casting refers to sending video or audio content from a mobile device to a TV or other external display using a technology such as Chromecast or Airplay. This process is typically done through a dedicated casting app and the mobile device acts as a remote control for the content being played on the TV.



Benefits of NevronCast


NevronCast is the safest casting solution for the hospitality sector. It combines the market's dominant casting solution - Google's Chromecast - with innovative, secure casting technology that allows guests to stream photos, videos and music securely from their mobile devices. 


NevronCast offers several benefits for both guests and hotel administrators. 


With NevronCast, only the screen in the room TV is recognized by guests' devices, and guests can connect to the screen without being disturbed by other wireless sources. This solution is easy to use with a simple setup and is supported by Android and iOS.


Additionally, NevronCast ensures privacy and security by automatically deleting the guest's streaming account at check-out, clearing the cache and visualization history, and physically locking the in-room device. 


NevronCast also offers peace of mind with maintenance alerts in case of device tampering, and it is always updated to meet the latest GDPR standards.


NevronCast connects the guest's mobile device to the TV screen via the internal network and server. This means that the hotel's Wi-Fi network is not overloaded and network performance remains at an optimal level. When the guest scans the QR code, the server receives a connection request and the mobile device details to start pairing with TV. The entire process goes through the server, which has NevronCast software installed and enables secure pairing. The server tells the TV to connect to that particular mobile device (the mobile device never connects directly to the TV). After confirming the pairing, the guest can easily start streaming their favorite media content.


Transform your hotel's entertainment with NevronCast now! No more headaches from complex set-up processes. Provide your guests with seamless and user-friendly entertainment options. NevronCast allows guests to watch their favorite shows on Netflix or YouTube without having to give up their mobile devices. With NevronCast, you can impress your guests and make your in-room entertainment effortless and efficient.


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