5 Highlights of 5G and IPTV

With a promising increase in bandwidth, 5G is becoming an alternative to wired data networks in hotel IPTV systems. Typically, expert network design, cabling, and network equipment installation are required to enable digital data in hotels. 5G in the hotel IPTV industry reduces these costs to a simple data plan from a 5G operator and a switch to devices that support 5G.

Your own 5G network


Network slicing is a new SDN technique used in the 5G standard for IPTV. It allows parallel network configurations to operate with isolated traffic on the same physical layer. For a hotel, this means having a wireless equivalent of a wired IP network in the form of a virtualized network slice. Firewall rules, QoS settings, fixed bandwidths, IP ranges and other parameters can be configured according to the hotel's needs. Other networks using the same physical layer do not interfere.




Ultra HD content and cloud applications in a 5G IPTV environment



5G is a wireless "InfiniBand" that will certainly extend edge computing-based or high traffic and latency-responsive applications.


5G uses formed-beam and MIMO techniques to maximize the use of available spectrum. This allows data to be transmitted over the channel with greater precision and less distortion. Heavy traffic from cloud-based applications or high-resolution 4K streams can now be transmitted over the air at scale. Hotels can now deploy their server-client applications such as PMS, HMS, BMS or 5G IPTV solutions in a cloud without compromising quality of service or availability.




Real-time responsiveness



Low latency is a privileged luxury in previous generations and is becoming standard in 5G and also in IPTV environments. Enjoy fast channel zapping in the cloud-based hotel TV, and experience cloud hotel management system, VR, AR and AI cloud applications as if they were installed on a local server. All without cables, high-bandwidth uplink switch, or expensive SLA with a low-latency network provider.




Invest in the guest experience, not cables



5G lowers the total cost of ownership of the hotel data network, allowing more money to be invested in guest experience solutions instead of focusing on building infrastructure. With cables out of the way, the SDN philosophy can help 5G unleash its many capabilities in IPTV. The hotel is no longer tied to an existing topology, edge switch specifications or a specific number of RJ-45 outlets. Combined with the freedom to manipulate a network slice, the wireless approach opens the doors to many new applications.




Smart hotel with 5G IPTV system



With significantly fewer restrictions on the number of connected devices and massively improved bandwidth, 5G enables many more IoT sensors and actuators to control the entire building. Advanced logging, analytics and management solutions connected to IoT devices can reveal further opportunities to optimize costs and improve the guest experience.


Collect data, analyze it, optimize hotel management and personalize the guest experience in more exciting ways. By using 5G in IPTV solutions, hotels can get a feel for their guests and provide them with an independent, unique experience that each of them can appreciate.


Instead of a complicated set of protocols, connection gateways and cables, a unified RF spectrum of 5G is used as the medium that streams all data to the cloud and back to power GRMS, IPTV, HVAC, PACS, PMS, VoIP and other solutions.



How can you take advantage of wireless solutions in your business?



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Published on May 15, 2021

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